Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Food Trip at: The Fifth Taste

Happy weekend food trip dear AMW friends!  Today, I will be sharing a new place to "hang out" and chill after a long week!  If you roam around Wilson Street San Juan, you've probably seen Tama Yaki as the place is just adorable! Who can miss out such cute character?

Well, today, I'm sharing a find that some of you probably knew!  On the 2nd floor of Tama Yaki, there's a newly opened restaurant called The Fifth Taste.  The Fifth Taste offers fusion Japanese dishes and before I let you salivate over my food shots, check out how need, simple yet classy their interiors are!

Deconstruted Miso Soup
Php125.00 (approx $3.12)
Miso broth, silken tofu and pork floss

I must say, this is one of the best tasting Miso soup I've tried!  Most Miso soup I've tried in restaurants tastes like "instant" miso soup (I'll know as I purchased a lot of those during my Japan trip).  This one tastes really authentic and the smooth texture of the tofu is so yummy I want to ask for MORE.

Roasted Kabocha Soup
Php110.00 (approx $2.75)
Cream of roasted Japanese Squash Topped with Crispy Squash Ribbons
 Just like a regular pumpkin soup you say?  Not this one!  Japanese Squash are less sweet and the texture is so smooth it goes right into my stomach without much effort!  The appearance of squash ribbons reminded me of stripped carrots, for kids who dislike to eat squash or vegetables, this is a must try as they won't be able to tell that the ribbons are made from squash!  A unique appetizer! 

Kani Salad Pizza
Php285.00 (approx $7.13)
Shredded Kani, Cucumber Carrot-Ribbons, Mozarella, Japanese Mayo
Another unique, MUST TRY dish!  Eating salad couldn't be more exciting and unique than this!  The crispy "taco-like" crust is very crunchy as well as the shreded cucumber and carrots!  I can't seem to tell the taste of each ingredients as all the ingredients blends so well it was fireworks inside my mouth, I swear!  I will definitely order this again on my next visit!

Classic California Maki
Php185.00 (approx $4.60)
 Kani, Mango and Cucumber
Made with fresh mangoes and cucumber, this tastes really good, nothing unique or special but really good!

Nori Pringles Calamari
Php165.00 (approx $4.12)
Their version of Calamari with Spicy Mayo
Another hit!  The calamari's size is not too small (like most calamaris served) and it was deep fried so well and the oil was strained so there wasn't any trace of grease!  The added Nori flakes gives a unique taste to regular calamari!  I enjoyed this dish so much I forgot to try their spicy mayo!  (sorry!)

 Nori Fish and Chips
Php225.00 (approx $5.65)
Nori-Battered fish and sweet potato chips, strawberry tartar sauce
Isn't it obvious we love "Nori" dishes?  The fish strips are very tender and juicy on the inside yet very crispy on the outside!  The strawberry tartar sauce doesn't have a distinct strawberry taste but overall, it gives a unique texture!  And oh, some would prefer potato chips on the side but I find the sweet potato chips is more unique!

 Grilled Beef Teriyaki Roulade
Php225.00 (approx $5.62)
US Beef rolled with mushroom and asparagus.
YES YES YES!  Please order this one again for me, I'm currently salivating as I'm typing!  Though the beef is thickly rolled, it is super tender and easy to bite!  The surprise mushroom and crunchy asparagus inside puts me to cloud nine!  Did I say YOU MUST order this???  And yes, I'll definitely go back for this!  I'm craving right now!

Bacon Prawn Tempura
Php370.00 (approx $9.25)
Bacon-wrapped prawns in light crispy batter.
 I gave this dish a skip due to my strong allergic reactions particularly to prawns!  I asked Mr. AMW how this dish was and he went: "Simple to look at but you get a surprise bacon inside!  How can you go wrong with that?"  'nuff said!

The 5th Taste Lasagna
Php285.00 (approx $7.13)
 Layers of pasta, bolognese, cheese and teriyaki bechamel.
And I thought this dish was too small for my hungry tummy!  NO!  This dish looks small but they aren't joking when the menu says LAYERS of pasta.  You really get good layers of pasta, bolognese, loads of melted cheese and a surprise nori sheets in between layers!  Very thick and rich texture I only  took a couple of bite and I was immediately full and contented!  A unique way to taste lasagna!

Chorizo and Mushroom Stuffed Pork Tonkatsu
Php385.00 (approx $9.63)
Served with Japanese Slaw and special Tonkatsu Sauce
At this point, I was a bit too stuffed for words but I was still able to give one strip a try.  I can't seem to pinpoint what's stuffed inside but it gives a lovely surprise to regular "dry" Tonkatsu dish!  

Pan-seared Seabass in Honey-Miso Glaze, Sweet Potato Gratin
Php890.00 (approx $22.25)
Seared seabass in honey-miso served with sweet potato gratin
Lightly flavored fresh seabass with unique sweet potato gratin that's best ordered by people on diet!  I'm sure my mom and dad will enjoy this dish!

Angus Steak
Php970.00 (approx $24.25)
Stone-grilled Angus Beef with Buttered Vegetables
 and Creamy Teriyaki Sauce Served with Japanese Rice
Worth the price tag!  The Angus Steak was served medium rare, very tender and juicy that melts right into your mouth! 

And you'd think we're stuffed and full?  We can't say no to Tama Yaki drinks after! 
 Tamayaki Milk Tea with Crystal Strips
Mango Yogurt with Popball
Wheat Grass and Honey with Mochi

Overall, the experience was grand!  I am literally in love with the restaurant ambiance, the food and the friendly staffs!  I'll definitely go back with friends and family for sure!  As for Tama Yaki, I will also give their snacks a try!

Tama Yaki and The Fifth Taste
453 P. Guevarra Street Addition Hills, 
San Juan , Philippines

The Fifth Taste Menu

TamaYaki Menu

If you're around the area, have you tried TamaYaki or The Fifth Taste?
Which among the dish I ordered intrigued you the most?

Thanks Ahya Edison, Atsi Mimi and of course Ms. Jorina for the wonderful time!
Have a lovely weekend food trip everyone!
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  1. Nakakagutom naman... i'd like to try the kani salad pizza.

    1. ay MUST try talaga and I have a feeling you'll love it! I don't find any reason not to! Not unless you're not a veggie person!

  2. So nakakagutom ang mga pics. Mukhang masarap ung soup and calamari. :)

  3. Awww thanks for posting this Nikki! I live in this area and have been curious about this resto. Was just doubtful that a cute-looking place would have serious and yummy dishes! hehe Everything you tried sounds really yummy! I can't wait to finally try this place! :) We have the same taste pala in food! :)

    1. Actually the cute looking place have seriously yummy milk tea and the snacks? I can't tell for now as I haven't given them a try, but the restaurant on 2nd floor? it's worth trying! the price is okay pa!

  4. How cute naman the place... and so is the food. Kaso I don't get to go to that area that much. Hope I remember this place when I'm in the area. Sana they put up a new branch soon in malls!

    1. I don't go to that area much too but now, I'm contemplating on going back!

  5. I am drooling! How I've missed your food posts!

  6. the pizza looks really yummy!!!! if only i visit manila again..... ><


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