Thursday, July 4, 2013

AMW Reviews: Clinique Even Better Powder Makeup with SPF25/PA+++

If you ask me to close my eyes and touch a box of powder foundation and guess the brand, I'll definitely pass the "Clinique Touch The Box" test as I've used their powder for as long as I remember.

Today, Clinique came up with better looking compact --- The Clinique Silvertone Refillable Makeup Compact, check after the jump why I'm addicted with the look!

In real life, the color is all silver, the fading effect came from the camera!  *laughs*  Don't blame the writer, blame the photographer! :P

The Clinique Silvertone Refillable Makeup Compact housed my Clinique Even Better Powder Makeup with SPF25+++.  The Clinique Even Better line is best used by girls with normal and combination skin!  What about dry and oily skinned individuals?  Hold your horses, I'm here to share my experience!  Just like Dory of Finding Nemo would say: "Keep on swimming...keep on swimming...".

Clinique says ---
Clinique's Even Better foundation is a powerful, oil-free formula yet very comfortable. Developed to help combat uneven skin tone – instantly and over time.

AMW says ---
  • Super gorgeous silver compact that looks very expensive and "sosyal".
  • Applies smoothly on skin with a satin-y finish.
  • Lightweight feel.  Can be used as retouch powder.
  • Evens out the skin.
  • No weird scent.
  • No skin irritations.
  • Gives light to medium coverage.
  • Skin looks brighter without much effort!
  • Very natural and doesn't create white cast even with SPF25.
  • The free sponge is made of high quality.
  • Comes with SPF25 PA+++ considering most powder foundations comes with SPF15 max!

  • The compact attracts fingerprints!  OC-ness attack!  I kept on wiping my compact with a tissue paper or worst, my top! :P
  • May create dry patches on super dry skin.  
  • Covers skin redness better but won't be enough for people with problematic skin.
  • Constant retouching is needed especially for girls with oily skin.

A medium coverage powder makeup that works best for people with normal skin! 

  • If you suffer from dry skin, make sure to moisturize the skin properly prior to powder application.
  • Sunblock is still needed before makeup if you will be out under the sun for long.
  • For heavier coverage, pat with the sponge that comes with the refill powder.
  • I will stress this again and again, wash the free sponge at least once a week to prevent skin allergies (especially if you have sensitive skin.)
  • For retouch, use your favorite Kabuki Brush or big Powder brush for a more natural finish.
  • For heavier coverage on special occasions, apply your favorite liquid/cream foundation and set with Clinique Even Better Powder Makeup.
  • For regular "let your face breathe" days, apply concealer on areas needed and pat with Clinique Even Better Powder Makeup with a sponge or brush.
Will I repurchase?
I will definitely repurchase a refill but will try another powder that's meant for drier skin.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Normal, oily/normal combination skin who doesn't need much coverage.

Where to purchase and how much?
 At local Clinique counters for Php1,950.00 (approx $48.75), Please LIKE Clinique Philippines on Facebook for more updates.


The silvertone compact looks oh so gorgeous.
I appreciate the huge mirror!  Some people may like the regular square sized compact to save bag space.

Clinique Even Better Powder Makeup in Shade 64 Cream Beige.

Cream Beige  works for girls with yellow undertone. 
 This shade would match most Asians.  MAC reference: great for NC25-35.

The lovely compact that needs constant TLC.

Before and After
Left: Bare faced.  Redness around the nose and cheeks. Some dark shadows under the eye and near the hairline.
Right: Applied a layer or 2 of Clinique Even Better Powder Makeup in Cream Beige using the free sponge.  Gives an overall brighter-looking skin.

Have you tried any Clinique Powder Makeup?
Which particular Clinique Powder Makeup line do you like?

I've always been a fan of Clinique Superpowder Double Face Makeup as this particular Clinique powder works well on my dry skin and it gives an ample amount of coverage!  As for the Even Better Powder, I LOVE the extra brightening effect it gives to my tired-looking skin.

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  1. I love the elegant look of the compact and the shade looks really good on you miss nikki.

    1. I agree on the gorgeous looking compact! and thanks for liking the shade! I love the effect on me! :D quite natural with a nice glow!

  2. Hi! Which do you think is better for sensitive, oily skin, this or the shu eumura UV compact? I am planning on changing up my compact kasi. I've been using the Maybelline mineral compact for the longest time. Thank you! :)

    1. Oh, I apologize but I haven't tried the Shu Uemura UV compact yet. As for sensitive skin, I highly recommend Clinique products as I used to have super sensitive skin and Clinique products are recommended by most of my friends who have sensitive skin.

    2. Thank you ms nikki! Will try this. :)

    3. No worries, will definitely post a review on Shu once I get the chance! :D

  3. Does the 1950 price already come with the silvertone compact and even better powder or are they bought separately? :-)

    1. Hi it comes with the compact and the powder! :)


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