Wednesday, July 3, 2013

AMW Wears: Rugged-Looking Shoes

"Dear AMW, do you ever dress down to a plain t-shirt and jeans?"
Yes I do!  Actually, I don't!  Because the real answer is, I love dressing down into t-shirt and shorts!  This girl is too lazy to squeeze her butt into tight jeans!  *laughs*

Okay, note to everyone, my butt isn't that big!  But seriously speaking, let's get back to the non-buttocks topic!

AMW and Char Char on comfortable days.  AMW wears Yosi Samra in Navy Blue.
I like dressing down so much I only dress up if I attend special occasions, party or events!  So this question inspires me to create a very short and sweet post on a more rugged-looking footwear that I like to wear!

Shoes from Avon Fashion


I got this shoes 2 years ago but I only get the wear them when I got pregnant!  I can't believe how nice this pair looks on any outfit!  Okay, the outfit photo isn't rugged-looking enough but I did wore this pair several times in shorts and t-shirt or jeans and t-shirt combo and this is so easy to pair it's a no-brainer!

Sorry for the iron-less top, it was taken after a traffic-infested travel from Manila to Tagaytay
Sanuk Athena 

Okay, Sanuk shoes may or may not interest you!  It really boils down to your choice or taste.  As for me, this is one of the most informal footwear I own and I feel like a young kid each time I wear them!  

This pair is extremely comfortable I even like pairing this with white capri pants and a plain tee!

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"What's your most rugged-looking shoes?"

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  1. If I was given a chance to wear shirt and shorts every single day I would. I too only dress up on events or special occasions. When I wasn't pregnant, I wear jeans or wide capris at work most of time. for casual days, it's mostly shorts. ^_^

    1. Apir! Isn't it nice to just wear comfy clothes ALL THE TIME? :) That means you are preggy now? Congrats!

  2. I'm in love with your Yosi Samra shoesssssssss.

    Nice meeting you last weekend at the workshop! I'm loving your blog! I'm not kikay at all, so I'm getting inspiration from your blog entries. Will be visiting regularly. :)


    1. Toni "fellow" TIU!!! It was great meeting you too and I'm glad to have the chance to chitchat with you about motherhood! Sana it won't be the last! :)

      Thanks sis!

  3. love your photo with CharChar! you're so pretty! My most rugged looking shoes is a sneakers and one from Toms.

    1. thanks Issa! Naku..I want to try Toms nga pero parang too rugged for my taste? But I have a feeling matytype ko! Re: Sneakers, I can manage, rubber shoes, naku talagang pang workout ko lang yun

  4. Aside from makeup tips, I always appreciate your rare fashion posts especially about shoes. :) The Yosi Samra really looks good on you to the extent that I'm almost convinced to acquire a pair. You look great on the first photo :) Teenager lang ang peg :)

    1. aww that's nice to know that you appreciate my rare outfit/shoe posts! :) And thanks for saying Teenager ang peg...feeling teenager kamo! hahahah :D

  5. Lau ee ang payat mo na parang di ka nanganak! Sexy!

    1. Gwama! hindi mo pa nakikita tiyan kO!!! sobrang big pa tiyan, hiding lang ! :P


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