Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Eureka Moment: For Breastfeeding Moms

Happy Tuesday AMW friends especially mommies out there!
Today's post is about something I received as a gift and I'm so excited to share my first Eureka Moment "mommy-related"! 

What's that?

It's a Spectra Cooler Bag!  First thing's first, the box is written in Korean so I'm calling it Spectra Cooling Bag because that's what it is!  I've seen Spectra brand at various malls when I was shopping for baby stuff!  I do not own anything from this brand but I believe this brand also have their own breast pump! 

Here's the content of the cute mini cooler/warmer bag that looks like a makeup kit because it's small and very handy!

2 x Small Ice Pack
5 x Polypropylene (PP) Bottles 
Product Weight: 1.10 kg
Packaging Dimensions: 22cm (L) x 18cm (W) x 18CM (H)

To be honest, since I've given birth, going out is like a huge "presentation" that needs preparation.  Stuff for baby and additional stuff to express milk (breast pump, cooler with ice, towels, body cover, etc...).  So breastfeeding moms out there, do you still enjoy going out?  I find myself almost surrendering to idea of going out and prefers to stay at home instead!

After 3 full months of breastfeeding (and getting the hang of it!), I am constantly looking for ways to simplify my life as a mom!  So carrying this tiny storage bag with ice pack is a huge relief as opposed to the huge Coleman Cooler that we usually use for picnics!  

This tiny cute storage bag comes with a special lining for cold or heat retention!  This is definitely very convenient and I enjoy using the tiny bottles to store extra breastmilk inside the fridge!

The cute Spectra Carry Cooler Bag is actually a gift to me by our friends from Pure Beauty!  The owner is my schoolmate.  I will update the price and where to purchase just in case you're interested!  

Any other additional tips from breastfeeding mommies out there?

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  1. How nice! I used to lug around a really bulky Coleman cooler. This looks so much more convenient and Mommy-friendly!

    1. same tayo! bulky Coleman Cooler too! :) This is super small lang talaga and super convenient! yon nga lang I need to bring separate lagayan for the pump! :)

  2. I have one from Ameda, also the brand for my electric twin pump. :) It comes with 3 ice packs, like those blue liquid inside rectangular hard plastic. The ice packs are for the bottom, front and back of the carrying bag. All slot nicely inside the carrying bag, of course. I found that the ice packs with blue liquid lasts longer than those in the soft packaging, when you have to be out for half a day or simply outdoor for a few hours. In Thailand it's quite humid and hot so having your "liquid gold" properly chilled is very important! :)

    I also learnt a tip from online forums for working mums and I adapted to my own. You don't need to wash and sterilise your breast pumps EVERY time after you use. Shocking, isn't it? But trust me. If you have a team of maids at your disposal then by no means do that every time as it's the best way to do anyway. You need an air-tight container (those Lock & Stock brand does various sizes) big enough to fit your breast pump.

    After you express your milk, you keep your pump and bottle (just the part that contacts with milk, assuming you store the milk in a separate bottle or breast milk bag) in the box and store the whole thing in the fridge immediately. When you are ready to use again for the next expressing session, just take it out from fridge and use right away. I would also close the empty box and store it in the fridge during expressing.

    I don't have a steriliser at work. So when I expressed milk during the work days, I have to carry the pump and all home, right? What I did is to have an ice pack inside the box to chill it. Or if you are planning to wash & sterilise your pump immediately upon arriving at home, you can very well skip this step.

    Instead of the box (bulky), you can also use double zip-lock bag (those big ones). Use two, in case one of them has a hole or something. But my advice is to use a plastic box. You can rinse out the box and leave it to air dry when you wash your pumps. If you are very concerned, wash everything with hot soapy water. :)

    Both my children had breast milk, one for 12 months, and another for 4-6 months. I used this method, saved me a lot of time on washing and sterilising. :D

    Good luck, and enjoy breast feeding! xxx

    1. Thanks for the tip! Same as you, I do not wash the pump and bottle after every use, i also put it inside a fridge or "cooler" if I'm out! I'm sure your tip will help out a lot of breastfeeding moms out there! :D

    2. Hello Nikki, no problem. Enjoy breast-feeding! :D

  3. Thanks for blogging about this Nikki! I think I might need this in my life! :-)

    1. Yes Aimee! :) Super useful! and my pleasure! How's pregnancy?

  4. I would need this spectra cooler bag, it looks convenient for me.
    Where can I buy this and how much is the price?

  5. Replies
    1. I apologize but they don't sell these anymore. Try to look into Pigeon .


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