Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How to Wear Red Lip Liner

Happy Wednesday dear friends!  Today, I will be sharing another This Is How I Do It post!  This time, it's a step-by-step photo post on how-tos as requested by readers!  As a makeup artist, I have been asked so many times by clients and friends if lip liners are really useful.  My answer is a huge YES!  And they're next question is: "How to use a lip liner?"  "I can never apply lip liner as it makes my lips dry!".

My post will be a simple guide on how I use lip liner and just so you know, my lips are SUPER dry and I'll be using my favorite red lip liner as well!  Mind's red!

First of all, prepare your lips by exfoliating it with a damp toothbrush or your favorite lip exfoliating scrubs.  As for me, I prefer the simple, cost-less way of exfoliating --- my damp toothbrush.

Afterwards, it is very important to moisturize your lips with your favorite lip balm.  In this post, I used Burt's Bee's Lip Balm.  Leave the balm for a couple of minutes then gently wipe off excess moisture with a clean tissue paper.

If this is your first time to try lip liners, pick a shade that's closest to your natural lip color.  As for me, I prefer to use my favorite red lip liner from MAC in shade Cherry.  I like using red lip liner underneath to keep my red lipstick longer!  

Just like photo below, start at the center of my upper lip and gently draw the outline of your lips using short, feather-like strokes.

Since my lips are full, I prefer to draw the outline inside my natural lip line.  If you have small lips and want to create a fuller looking lips, do the opposite as I did --- apply the line outside the natural lip line.

Tip:  It is best to sharpen your lip liner and use the tip of the liner to create an outline.

Using the flat side of the lip liner, fill the rest of your lips using VERY light hand strokes.  If you want to create a not-so-pigmented lip color, fill in a bit of the color and use a clean lip brush to spread the color out. 

In this tutorial, I prefer to fill in my lips with MAC Lip Liner in Cherry.  If you plan to use a lip liner frequently, invest on a good lip liner, lip liners that are moisturizing enough and doesn't bleed.

To my dear readers who are blessed with good, moisturized lips, you can get out and enjoy your lovely red lips and this will last you a couple of coffee drinks, lunch, snacks etc...!  To the rest who have the same "crocodile skin-like" lips, scroll further down!

You can choose any moisturizing red lipstick to continue this step, as for me, I pick a non-sticky lip gloss instead --- Hayan Glitter Lip Gloss.

Starting at the center of your lips, I apply a bit a gently spread out the lip gloss for a nice, shiny effect.

MAC Lip Liner in Cherry + Hayan Lip Gloss in Red

My lips doesn't look chapped at all and for the first time, I can get away without lip stain on my teeth!

That's it!  My version on how to wear red lip liner + gloss.

Have you tried wearing lip liner on its' own?
What's your favorite lip liner brand?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Love the shade of this red lips!:)

    1. Same here, I'm super comfortable wearing this shade!

  2. Thanks for your useful tips. I loved to reading your blog. Great work and keep up it!


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