Wednesday, August 14, 2013

AMW Reports: Bebe Store Visit at Shangri-La Mall

Happy Wednesday AMW friends!  

Who says a new mommy can't shop?  Not this mommy!  With the right companion, anything is possible!

Bebe Philippines will launch their super spacious store at Shangri-la mall this Friday, but this working mommy can't go so I've decided to take a store visit last weekend!  

The size of the store amazed me, are you ready to virtual shop?

What entice me to enter any clothing store is their visual merchandise, just like men, women are also visual creatures *winks* and I'm referring to clothes and makeup!  Am I right girls???

Now this area reminds me what Bebe clothing is all about!  Comfortable yet trendy and eye-catchy!

Though I haven't been to a Bebe store in other countries in the past, I do know the usual "Bebe" trademark which is Swarovski-studded brand name on both tops and bottoms!  

I have a crush on these jeans!  

And I'm happy to report that Bebe store in Manila have more choices for women of style!  I find the black and white polka-dotted leggings a cute choice for women who likes to stay in comfort with style!  I'd love to pair this with a plain blush colored loose top for a weekend food trip!

Let's talk about dresses, I saw this lovely black and gold dress "red carpet" worthy!  Since I'm busy for the Oscars *lol* this outfit is perfect for weddings!

The dress goes well with the black clutch.  I'd skip the necklace and use it to accessorize a plain top! 

I don't know about you but I'm into blue outfit recently!  I recently bought a similar colored blue pants so this dress definitely caught my attention big time!  I would also wear this on weddings, probably a baptism outfit for Baby Kyle as I don't have to worry about fats peaking around!  *winks*

Oh, to those who have sexy arms, back and neck (not me), this is a perfect dress to attend beach wedding, or if you have a special date with your love one via cruise or a pool party, I honestly wouldn't want this dress to get wet but hey, it is sexy to look at! 

As for plain Jane me who is still on the road to getting back  my pre-pregnancy weight, I went for simple tops that's breastfeeding-friendly!

A blue chiffon top with silver studs with zipper.  

and there's a white version that I can't help but fall in love with when I tried it on.

A cream colored top that's loose at the top portion and hugs your waist for definition.

A simple denim top that would go well on shorts, leggings, pants, skirt or if you like, you can go bare-bottom!  *laughs*  Just joking, that's how versatile denim clothing are!

And here's another breastfeeding-friendly top!  A long-sleeved polka-dotted chiffon top that reminds me of Betty Boop!  Don't ask me why, Betty Boop do not own the same top but hey, it's my imagination and we can't do anything to change that!  hahaha

A sexy spaghetti top in a color that works so well on my skin!  Yellow!

There were so much more lovely tops but I steered clear from them as I'm on a mission to find one that's comfortable to wear!  

You can also find some bags, shoes and sandals at Bebe store Manila.

More accessories --- earrings, necklace, rings etc..

The price range of Bebe items ranges Php2,000-7,000.  It is pricey indeed especially for students but if you are into comfortable clothing, start saving for your favorite clothing piece!  

Since I'm more of a "basic-I-will-wear-you-until-I-grow-old", I would invest on jeans or tops that aren't too "trendy" so I can wear them a couple of times.

My cute judges when I tried on clothes.
Check out my li'l judge, you can't bribe him for sure!

Bebe store in Shangri-la Mall is quite spacious I can move the baby stroller around without bumping anyone or anything! 

I posted on Instagram the tops I tried, a lot voted!  Thanks!  
What's your favorite top?

Ground Floor Shangri-La Mall
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  1. I hope they will have more branches soon ♥
    I love the white top^^.

    Loving it!♥

    1. Malay natin? :D Thanks for taking the pick, I skipped the white as the zipper and button are gold kasi! Though I love gold and white, I'm afraid they tarnish!

  2. i love the black and gold dress! winner! :)

  3. your baby is so cute and adorable!! xoxo!


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