Saturday, August 3, 2013

AMW Reports: The Face of Juicy Cologne

Happy Saturday AMW Friends!
Let's talk about cologne.  To be honest, I'm not really into colognes as I prefer the longevity of Eau de Parfums and Eau de Toilette, colognes make me feel like a "trying hard teenager" but now that I am a mommy, things have changed!  I have opened up my mind to using cologne again (after 10,000 years) as I'm afraid the usual scents I use could be too strong for Baby Kyle!  I'm sure my sister is smiling ear-to-ear now as she's a fan of cologne!  

Recently, Juicy Cologne invited me for a launch to get to know their first ever Brand Ambassador.  I wasn't able to join them but that invite put me back to my "makeup gigs" memory box! Over a year ago, I helped out creating pretty faces at TV5's Star Factor program at the Juicy Cologne Booth!  

Check out my happy face

Okay, the half day makeup gig was crazy!!! There were so many girls lining up to have their faces done and I'm glad I've done this with my best friend!  But anyways, back to the topic on Juicy Cologne, years after, I'm glad they finally came out with an endorser!  And as excited as I sound, NO it's not me, aside from not having the "artista" look, I'm waaayyy over aged!!!  *laughs*

Do you have a clue on the Juicy Cologne Ambassador?

Kathryn Bernardo!

I can't help but salute Cosmetique Asia for picking the perfect girl!  Kathryn is known to be "Mara" on the soap Mara Clara and "Mikay" on Princess and I!  Now, she's grown not only as an actress but physically, I find her getting prettier and prettier each day!  Check out her Instagram account!  I stalk on her account every now and then and can't help but get impressed with that pretty face of hers!

And here are the 8 variants of Juicy Cologne
Angel's Bliss, Dreamsicle, 
Icylicious and Orange Twist

Sprightly Sprinkle, Sugar Frosting, ,
Sweet Delights and Up Up And Away

These scents are dermatologist-tested and hypo-allergenic.  My favorite is Sweet Delights!

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Do you think Juicy Cologne picked the right girl as their ambassador?
What's your favorite Juicy Cologne scent?

Congratulations Cosmetique Asia! They are also the makers of Silka products!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wow! they really picked the right girl! Kathryn is perfect for the product.

  2. Definitely!Kathryn is the best endorser for Juicy Cologne. Her personality totally represents the product. I buy it because of her!


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