Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekend Food Trip at: Pizza Hut Bistro + Safe ID Ladies Wallet

It's Sunday and it's time for a food post once again!  Today, I will be sharing a food so simple yet dear to most of us!  PIZZA!!!  Who doesn't love their pizzas?  I know I do!  I believe the best part about eating a pizza is when you enjoy them with friends!  As for me, it was with my dear foodie partner Mr. AMW! 

We've always been very picky with our pizza, we prefer thin crust over thick crust and we like to request the kitchen to toast them really well until crunchy!  But aside from pizza, there's one dish from Pizza Hut Bistro that made us go back again and again...

This one!

Want to know what's inside?

Seafood Supremo
Php239.00 (approx $5.97)
Great flavors of shrimps, squid and scallops blended in tomato cream sauce 
topped with fresh basil and capers. 

Thanks to Manila's Signature Dishes 2010 when I first tried this amazing dish!  Please, bring back Lechon Pizza by the way! :P

Capers were very fresh to taste, the shrimps, squid and scallops are all fresh!  I know, these are all seafood and I'm allergic to them but for this dish, I'm popping a pill instead! :P  This is a MUST try!  I love how flavorful the dish is and the tomato cream sauce is just right to wrap its wonderful flavors on each ingredient.

Bacon Cheeseburger Supreme
Family Size: Php429.00 (approx $10.72) 
 Crispy bacon slices with beef and loads of mozzarella cheese on a thin CRISPY crust!  Oh my, that's like one of the best pizza I've tasted from Pizza Hut, well, second to Lechon Pizza! :)

It was a very simple yet a fulfilling weekend food post!  Those 2 are just the right food I was looking for after all the sleepless nights, breastfeeding, busy work etc..!  Once in awhile, let's reward ourselves and put diet aside!  

Before I end this post, let's pry our minds away from food for a moment and let me share to you the newest wallet that I recently got!  

So pretty right?  Well aside from its pretty face, this wallet helps protect our credit cards, debit cards, drivers license from other people trying to scan the RFID chips. 

It doesn't hurt that the inside of this wallet looks so cute and girly!!! 

The wallet is available at all The Travel Club stores! 
Thanks Primer Group for the gift :) I love it!

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