Monday, September 2, 2013

AMW Bulletin: Price Slash for our favorite The Body Shop Products

Don't you love the words --- PRICE...SLASH?

I do!  When I went for a quick stop at SM Sta. Mesa a couple of days ago to purchase more Pigeon Glass Bottles for Baby AMW, I came across The Body Shop and saw this huge sign....

You got that right, my eyes got diverted straight to my favorite TBS product --- TEA TREE OIL!  Tea Tree Oil for Php100.00 off?  You bet I hoarded!  And this time, I am happy to share that the price slash does not only end there, you also get to try the rest of TBS' All Time Favorites and I'll share to you their current prices!

I have a feeling some of you will run to the nearest The Body Shop after reading this!

BB Creams/Face Base

  • Vitamin E Cool BB Cream from Php695.00 to Pph495.00
  • All in One BB Cream from Php1,195.00 to Php795.00
  • Moisture White Shiso BB Cream from Php1,195.00 to Php895.00 
  • Moisture White Shiso BB Sserum Inside from Php1,395.00 to Php1,195.00


  • All In One Face Base from Php1,295.00 to Php995.00
  • Lip and Cheek Stain from Php795.00 to Php495.00 

  • Strawberry Body Mist from Php595.00 to Php495.00
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom EDT from Php1,395.00 to Php995.00
  • White Must EDT from Php1,495.00 to Php1,195.00
  • White Must Body Mist from Php895.00 to Php695.00

More Random TBS All Time Faves

  • Grapeseed Glossing Serum from Php650.00 to Php450.00
  • Shea EDT from Php750.00 to Php550.00
  • Olive Body Butter from Php695.00 to Php495.00
  • Tea Tree Oil from Php495.00 to Php395.00
So, you tell me, isn't this the perfect time to stock on your favorite products?  I actually purchased Olive Body Butter and stock up 2 more as my brother loves to use these body butters especially during winter season!  I know Christmas seems too far away but it doesn't hurt to start writing a list on people you would want to give a simple "thank you" gift to!  

As for me, I can't wait to try The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream.  Any users out there? Care to share your thoughts?

Description taken from The Body Shop ---
"Catch our skincare hero, Vitamin E Cool BB Cream. Our new take on BB cream illuminates, evens skin tone and protects with moisture for 12 hours. Available in one cool shade, the lightweight texture will effortlessly blend onto skin for a fresh and natural look."
Enjoy the savings!
Which among the list of products mentioned above you will definitely purchase?

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  1. i love their vanilla body mist and can't leave the house without it ;)

    1. I'm more of a floral gal! But I'm glad you liked their Vanilla Body Mist! and hey, grab some na!

  2. I want their collection of the is good for oily skin.. I love their seaweed clarifying toner..

    1. Really? that's nice to know! i haven't tried that!

  3. I hoarded the Lip and Cheek stain and Cherry Blossom scent. Im a big fan of Body Shop! :)

  4. I hoarded the Lip and Cheek stain and Cherry Blossom scent. Im a fan of Body shop products :)

  5. of course, i want the olive body butters! this is one of my favorites from TBS :)

    1. ang bango no? I used to love the mango variant, but since I tried the Olive Body Butter, super LOVE the scent!

  6. Sales are always a joy! I would love to try the Vitamin E Cool BB cream.
    It would be lovely to know how it worked for you.

    1. I will definitely share a review but have to give my skin a bit of a breather before I move on to another BB cream!


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