Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Something New: BeautyCornerPH Acrylic Make Up Palette

Fellow Make Up Artists and beauty junkies out there?  Once in our life, we've probably used a CD or CD case in mixing our liquid foundation or any cream based products am I right?  

If not, well, I guess I'm referring to myself!  I went from CD to a clear plastic CD case.  But once I got into professional make up artistry, I told myself I have to look professional as well!  My first ever super professional looking mixing palette is the Monda Oval Steel Mixing Palette which is still very much alive up until this moment.  No complaints!

As for readers out there, I'm sure you're still looking for alternatives, probably non-stainless steel and more handy!  Well guess what?  There are choices out there and this one is from Beauty CornerPH.

Cute Bee NOT included!  *laughs*
According to Beauty CornerPH:
Beauty Corner PH mixing palette is a staple tool for every professional makeup artist kit.  It offers a hard, durable and easy to clean work surface to do some serious mixing and mashing of cosmetic needed for blending before applying.  
Whether you're mixing cream-based or liquid makeup, holding excess product, or applying on the skin, this kind of palette is always durable and good for bustling shoot schedule.  These are travel friendly too.  
As a Make Up Artist needs to practice hygiene and sanitation at all times especially on the job site.  Protect your product and clients skin from being contaminated with bacteria by using a good, sturdy, travel friendly, mixing palette.
The size of BeautyCornerPH Acrylic Make Up Palette is as big as my hand (which is quite handy) and it also has a hole for easy handling! 

The palette is not too thick so it can fit easily on your make up case!

Because it's transparent, it is fun to do mixing at the same time, cleaning is a breeze!  I like to use this palette to mix concealer, liquid/cream foundations or primers.  For make up artists, this palette is great to transfer product from packaging instead of applying directly on clients' skin for hygiene purpose.  (Ex. Lip glosses, Liquid Concealer etc...)

Priced at Php480.00 (approx $10.90) available locally at Beauty CornerPH website.
You can also purchase this together with a spatula for Php650.00 (approx $14.70) which I personally think is better!

Do you currently own any mixing palettes for personal use?
Even before I got into professional makeup artistry, I do have this tendency to mix foundations as I can't seem to pick the right shade!  I usually use the back of my hand as a "palette".

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(Product sent for PR purpose.  Opinion 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. I own an acryllic mixing palette too but it's personalized. I had my name printed on it which is very cutesy and looks sosyal hihi.

    1. ooohh! i like personalized mixing palette too!!! :)

  2. I usually use the back of my hand too especially when I'm in a hurry. hihi

    1. Issa, hay naku! pareho tayo! mga tamad maghugas! hahaha

  3. oh cool! The price is actually not that bad. I have been using the MAC slim mirror as my mixing palette for a while now. It's works great it's just a bit small. I got it for only Php300 ^_^

    1. good for you that yours is only Php300.00 Small is okay especially if it's for personal use :D


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