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AMW Reviews: Sleek Gloss Me and Matte Me

Hi AMW Friends!  Are you enjoying the week so far?  I hope so!
Today, I am so excited to share to you a review of 2 unique glosses that I received from Smile of Updated Trends.  Seriously, how many lipglosses can a girl have?  Unlimited?  

Not for me, I'm really not a fan of gloss, I don't know why but I find them too....sheer?  And they seldom last on me especially when I take a sip or 2 of my favorite drink!  (I'm sure you know by now that my drink of choice is Coffee!) :P

Sleek Makeup, an inexpensive, yet good quality makeup brand came up with 2 types of lipglosses called Gloss Me and Matte Me.  The name sounds so cute right?

Check out if the product itself will entice me!

Gloss Me
Shade: Rose

Matte Me
Shade: Party Pink

Sleek says ---

Gloss me provides you with maximum coverage for a long lasting colour a shimmer that ensures a dazzling lips all day long.

Matte Me Lip cream glides on in one smooth application.  No need for a second coat cause it covers your lips in just one glide.

Size: 6ml 0.2 fl oz.

AMW says ---
Gloss Me
  • For a gloss, the color is quite decent and gives a good amount of coverage. (Depending on the shade you pick)
  • Has a hint of sparkle that isn't too obvious unless you look closely.
  • No weird scent.
Matte Me
  • Very pigmented.
  • No need to re-apply for the rest of the day.
  • You get the right-from-the-tube shade on one application.
  • Lasts the whole day or until makeup removal.
  • Lips don't feel itchy or tight as compared to other long-lasting lip product.
Gloss Me
  • Has a tiny sticky feel.  It is not a big deal for me but girls who are allergic to sticky gloss may still find this a con.
  • Not as long-lasting as compared to Matte Me.  Re-application is needed within the day.

Matte Me
  • Though the long-lasting power makes me happy, it is so difficult to remove this at the end of the day!
  • Very dry lips like myself will find this product too drying.
Sleek Makeup did it again!  I am amazed with how good the quality of their products is.  This time, the Gloss Me and Matte Me pair did not fail!  

Gloss Me is quite pigmented (considering it's a gloss), aside from it being hydrating upon application, it can create fuller-looking lips with the tiny (almost non-existent to the naked eyes) shimmers.  

Matte Me on the other hand is highly pigmented, one swipe is enough to last you the whole day!

  • Gloss Me can be applied on its own or on top of your favorite lipstick or Matte Me lip gloss.
  • For a more precise application (especially for Matte Me), use a lip brush instead of the doe foot applicator for less mistakes. 
  • Prep your lips by moisturizing it with your choice of lip balm, remove excess balm by blotting it with a napkin before you start applying Sleek Gloss Me and Matte Me.
  • How to remove Sleek Matte Me at the end of the day?  Use a cotton pad and gentle makeup remover, dip it on your lips for at least 30 seconds and gently wipe off product.
  • After using makeup remover, apply a lip balm and gently massage the cotton pad on your lips, the wax from the lip balm will help remove excess lip product at the same time, protect your lips from drying out.
  • If you suffer from dry lips and would still like to use Matte Me Lip gloss, apply your choice of clear gloss on top to prevent dry, chappy-looking lips.
Will I repurchase?
Yes!  I'm looking more into the Matte Me for bridal clients.  Will go for more neutral and natural-looking shades.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Sleek Gloss Me is best for everyday lipgloss wearers, Matte Me is perfect for girls who plan to attend important events or parties for less retouch MORE socializing.

Where to purchase and how much?
Both Matte Me and Gloss Me are priced at Php450.00 each (approx $10.22) available at BeautyCornerPH.  You can also find Sleek Makeup at Crossings The Ramp (EDSA Shangri-La, Glorietta 3, Quezon Ave.)  Sofa Retail lab at Rockwell Makati.

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Swatch (One Swipe)
Matte Me - Party Pink
Gloss Me - Rose

Gloss Me in Rose

2 coats of Gloss Me in Rose
The shade is more on a dusty pink side.  This color would look great on girls with fair to medium dark skin.  Rose is quite pigmented but since my lips are highly pigmented to start with, the shade looks like MLBB (My Lips But Better)

Matte Me in Party Pink

This shade though named as Party PINK, it looks more on a Neon Coral side on my lips!  Keep in mind that lipstick shades will look different on each individual. 

How do you find Sleek Gloss Me and Matte Me Lipglosses?


  1. Thanks for this review! I love how the Matte Me looks, I think I'll get a couple of shades. :)

    1. :) Thanks for your comment! :) I know what you mean, I love Matte Me and I'd love to have a couple of neutral shades for my brides!

  2. The matte colour looks so pretty! But what a shame that it's drying!

    1. Gio, I don't mind the drying part! lol it is super pretty and long lasting ! :D

  3. I think I will like Matte me because I hate retouching, hihihi.... :)

    1. Issa, naku, if you dislike retouching, ITO NA! ito na ang lip product for you!

  4. OMG - didn't know sleek can be bought here! Thank you so much for sharing!!! <3

    1. yup! readily available here and price points aren't bad!


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