Monday, September 30, 2013

Something New: Fly Shades' Mid Year 2013 Collection

How are you AMW friends?  
I received Fly's Mid Year collection for quite some time but due to bad weather, I haven't really got to wear them!  But let me tell you, I have a favorite out of the 3 shades I got!  Tell me yours at the end of this post okay?


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Kendall looks so chic and classy when you look at it at the front side but very stylish and modern on the sides!  

I wore this on my way to an important gig as I was eye make-up free and sleepy that day!


Fly shades came up with different versions of their Aviators!  In this collection, it's reflective silver that screams "I look so rich!" *lol*  :)



This particular piece gives a "groovy" feel when worn! 

By the way, I hope this news isn't too late!  I saw this on Fly's Facebook Page!  You get to Buy 1 Get 1 Selected Fly Shades for Free!  Fly shades ranges from Php270.00-Php400.00 so it's definitely worth it! 

Which is your favorite design among the 3 shades I got?

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  1. I have a pair of the Kendall shades too, but in a different color. :)

  2. i love the new collection! i remember getting fly shades from you when i won your giveaway. thanks again! i never leave the house without a pair of fly shades whenever it's sunny and hot.

    1. Congratulations again and I'm glad you are enjoying your pairs of Fly shades!


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