Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Salon Visit: Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salon, Makati

One of the many things I missed doing after giving birth is visiting a salon!  Don't get me wrong, not being able to do so doesn't affect my cheerful disposition, but going to one will definitely make me a super happy ducky! *trying hard to make a duck face* :P

Since Monday was my errand day, I've decided to finish the day with a nice pampering session in a salon!  Thanks to Marcie from Love and Light Productions for introducing me to LPK (Louis Phillip Kee).  I've heard so many good things about the salon but it was only last Monday I got to try their premier services!

After a long and tiring day, I'm ready to be pampered!

This was my FIRST hair coloring experience after a year and 2 months (yes I counted!).  Even with Doctor's approval and learning INOA as the safe choice of hair coloring treatment for nursing moms,  I chose NOT to color my hair for the first 6 months after giving birth just to be sure!  (It wasn't an easy decision I tell you!)

Back to INOA, I had my first INOA treatment at Regine's Salon 3 years ago and seriously speaking, it was the best hair coloring experience I had as the color stayed vibrant for more than 6 months! 

So yes, I'm looking forward for my 2nd INOA treatment, this time at Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salon located at Legaspi Makati.

Amy, the Stylist, accompanied me that night!
 I went for light brown hair color, Amy told me she mixed colors of Light Brown and Red to prevent my hair  from turning orange.

Since my hair is EXTREMELY dry, I also went for an Argan Oil treatment, it was from Cynos.  After the said treatment, I mentally took a photo of the Argan Oil brand as I plan to purchase one myself for my regular at-home hair treatment.

Amy also offered to cut the ends of my hair as they are extremely dry and frizzy!  I am so happy she did a layered cut, a specific layered cut that I want and my hair immediately feels a pound lighter! :D

Just in case you get to visit LPK salon, look for Amy, I heard they will be opening their 4th branch at Banawe, Quezon City (yay to us living downtown!).  Amy will be there at Banawe branch soon!  I highly recommend her as she has one of the lightest hands?  I love the fact that she blow-dried my hair in medium heat setting! There wasn't any steam coming out and my scalp isn't in pain!  Though it was beyond closing time, Amy and the rest of the staffs took time to accompany me making sure I get the best service!  Thank you LPK Makati!

Amy worked her magic by giving me layers, better bangs and some lovely waves!

Hair Color:  INOA level 7

AMW and Amy

Overall, I had a wonderful experience at Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salon Makati Branch, I will definitely visit the salon again as I feel so welcomed and the salon has a warm and friendly vibe! For girls who would like to safely color their hair, you can opt for INOA but I highly recommend you to ask for your doctor's approval!  

If you suffer from dry and super frizzy hair, give their Argan Oil treatment a try, my hair feels softer and more manageable after the treatment!

Haircut costs Php700.00-Php2,000.00 depending on your stylist.
Hair color costs Php2,500-Php4,500 depending on your hair length.

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Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salon
The Grand Midori Legaspi Street (Legaspi Street)

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