Thursday, October 21, 2010

Salon Report: INOA Hair Color at Regine's Salon

In the middle of this year (wow, time flew by extremely fast!), I reported about the new professional permanent hair color that boosts their pride in saying INOA --- Innovation NO Ammonia

I received a gift certificate to try on INOA at Regine's Salon, because I just had my hair colored, I've decided to gift it to my mom-in-law because I heard the system is great not only in lightening or darkening the hair color but its great in covering whilte/gray hair! 

My mom-in-law is quite happy with the result and I can see how gorgeous the color she has on!  I wasn't able to go with her to the salon so no report about the treatment then!  I was quite amazed on how gorgeous the color came out and it stayed longer than regular at-home hair color system, I've decided to give it a try myself after I have more than an inch of regrowth!

I usually do not have a lot of time over the weeknight to do these types of treatment but since I'll be off for a meeting late at night, it was the best choice to kill some time by enjoying some pampering moments at the salon.  I actually love going to salons!  I must be living and breathing in a hair salon on my past life!  *hahaha*

I went to Regine's Salon, Makati for my very own INOA treatment!  I am not afraid to go straight to another event as I have confidence that my hair won't smell bad at all!

I was greeted by Jimmy, the Sr. Stylist of Regine's Salon.  We talked about what I want with my hair color and he suggested to maintain my past color as it works for my skin color!  Great idea!

The mixing of INOA shown right in front of me!  Love how "techie" hair coloring could get!  The Oxidant Riche was first poured on the measuring tube, then the Oleo Gel!  Both ingredients were poured on a bowl and the chosen "colorant" was poured on the 2 mixtures!  I was told that the price of INOA treatment does not only depend on your hair length but the number of hair colorant tubes used!  Base on my hair thickness and length, Jimmy used 3 tubes of hair colorant in 7.31.

By the way, prior to applying the color all over my hair, the regrowth part was applied first with the mixture then left for 20 minutes to even out the hair color!  Please be ready that the INOA Hair Color application is harder as compared to regular hair coloring treatment.  I was told this is needed to make sure the product gets absorbed to the hair!  Absorption won't cause any problems on your hair because there's no ammonia! 

After 20 minutes of hair coloring on the "regrowth" area, the rest of my hair was applied section per section leaving most of my hair wet with the "oil" from INOA.  Time to enjoy reading magazines that are updated!  I was able to read this month's PREVIEW.  

What's even better, Rosa, massaged my back for the whole 30 minutes!  I love how she knows the right places to massage!  I came from a long day of work and it was a Monday!  What a way to end the day right?

I may have to add that it was a first for me to try on services from Regine's Salon.  Though the salon is not as huge as other salons in the metro, I can see how they treat their customers by greeting them and making them feel welcomed!  I can totally see them greeting old time customers even though they are busy with other customers! They also serve you coffee, tea or water!  Of course its a no-brainer that I chose coffee!

If I may add, I like the tiny alarm clock they use that beeps quite loudly so your hair definitely won't get fried! 

After just 1 INOA shampooing!  No conditioning needed by the way as the INOA Hair Color does not make your hair feels dry!  I had the most unique blowdry to date!  Rosa holds the blowdryer while another lady section each part to dry and style!  I can totally see how they work as a team!  No pulling of hair and I don't feel much of the heat!

Here's the team that prettified my hair for the night.  Jimmy and Rosa from Regine's Salon Makati!  Thanks Jimmy for the wonderful explanation about INOA and thanks Rosa for the wonderful massage!

Regine's Salon
2nd Floor, The Link Building
North Drive, Corner Makati 
Tel. nos: (632) 856-1723/ (632) 856-1724

Each tube of INOA hair colorant costs Php750.00 (approx $17.00).  INOA Hair Color price starts from Php1,500 depending on hair length.  On my hair, the costs is Php3,000 (approx $68.00)

My mom-in-law's treatment costs approximately Php2,500++ (approx $56.00++) and the color lasted up until this very moment and it has been almost 4 months and still counting.  Divide it by months, its not too bad!

You can ask me anytime a couple of months after on how long this INOA Hair Color will last!

Here's to show my current hair color!  
Definitely lighter than my usual but, change is good!
Hair feels smooth and seriously, no weird smell at all! YAY!

Are you sporting a lighter or darker hair color at present?
Ahhh, I'll definitely be back with my at-home hair coloring stuffs *lol*
But it's nice to be well taken care of once in awhile!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Love your new do! Nice hair color.

  2. Your hair color looks really nice. Pretty! :P

  3. Wow, thanks for the report, I am looking forward for my own INOA experience, will book a hair color treatment too at Regine's probably end of this month.

  4. i'm really curious about the INOA experience! i should try it one of these days :)

  5. wow ~ you look great! that INOA is also making me a lot curious... thank you for this post. will really consider it the next time i need to get my hair done. :)

  6. I'll definitely try INOA. Looks promising. Your haircolor is gorgeous!

  7. I've seen your hair in person but I don't think I told you it's GORGEOUS :)

  8. Jasmin, thanks!

    Pammy, glad you like the color :) It's lightEr in person as compared to the photo :)

    Michelle So, thanks also for reading and for commenting, I appreciate it and goodluck with your treatment at Regines!

  9. Crystal, goodluck too! I hope you have good experience like I did!

    Abbie, its quite unique, but it's a nice experience!

    Lootwagon, thanks!

  10. Have not really had a hair color ever since. I have a natural brown hair. Love your hair color and it's good that its ammonia free!

  11. Do you guys also carry Organic Color Systems? I have had very bad reactions to Inoa in the past. Should I try it again? I hear they have ammonia in their Post Shampoo and their oil that is mixed with the color.

  12. Hi, DId you really get color 7,31?Do you have dark brown hair? Thank you!

    1. yes, as written, and yes, I do have dark brown hair


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