Friday, June 25, 2010

AMW Reports: INOA Revelation

Last month, I got an invite from L'Oreal Professional for an event called "Evening of Indulgence with Pureology".  I got myself a Pureology hair serum to protect my color-treated hair.  As I had a quick chat with the L'Oreal professional people and Mr. Alex Carbonell of Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell, I got intrigued with the new hair coloring system they are very excited about.  Two words that lingered in my mind --- NO AMMONIA! 

I've been coloring my hair for quite some time since I graduated from school.  I chose mostly "at-home hair coloring treatment" and no matter how mild the hair coloring is, I hate the scent of chemical and I hate waiting for at least 3 days for the scent to be completely gone!  That's why I am very excited with INOA, as the people from L'Oreal Professional would say --- The Hair Color of the Future!

The name INOA derived from INNOVATION, NO AMMONIA.  INOA is the new professional permanent hair color to darken, lighten, or cover white hair.  Again, No Odor, No Ammonia!
The event was hosted by the lovely Ms. Bianca Valero who wore a lovely dress that hugs her lovely figure!  Trust me, very sexy!  A great host with a sense of humor!  She proudly showed off her new hair color, courtesy of INOA.

Ms. Charisse Hernandez, the General Manager of Professional Products Division, welcomed the guests with an obvious excitement on her face!  Inviting all women to enjoy a new color experience that gives optimal comfort for the hair, respects the hair's natural essential amino acid and lipid balance with infinite color power.  We were told that since the beginning of hair coloration, technology has never come this far.  Is it just me but everybody's hair color seems to look really good?

The wonderful and super friendly Mr. Robbie Lizares, Sr. Product Manager for L'Oreal Professional, explains to us the the secret to INOA, and it's no secret anymore as they exposed to us that the secret is in its revolutionary oil-based formula.  This is a new permanent hair color that does not have ammonia which salon clients, owners and stylist will love!  Stinging eyes, noses and even scalp are definitely a thing in the past!  Because there's no ammonia, coloring is very safe for the hair thus leaving your hair soft and smooth like you never colored your hair!

Mixing  of INOA products shown to us right on spot!

For ease of measurement, part of the system comes with a measuring tube in which the whole mixing process will take only 5 minutes, or even less (minus the dancing *lol*)

I was able to get closer to the INOA hair coloring, took one sniff, two, three...I sniffed like a dog..NOTHING!  Definitely no scent at all!!! I am SOLD!  My next color treatment will definitely be INOA!!!

The INOA with ODS (Oil Delivery System)

Models showing off their gorgeous hair color which ranges from shades Red, Brown, Gold and Violet!   I'd love to give Copper or Gold a try!

Photo together with the salon people who has done magic to their hair! 
All of them came from different salons and yet all of them agree on using INOA

After all the excitement, Mr. Luc Marquet, L'Oreal Philippines President and Managing Director gave the closing remarks.  This man is very down-to-earth and friendly.  I love how he proudly stated: "INOA is very safe and can be used even if you're pregnant" (gist)  Now pregnant women do not have any reason not to color their hair!  I like! 

The attendees.  I felt so bad, after looking at the photos I took, I realized I don't have a shot of Frances from Topaz Horizon and Tara from Chronicles of Vanity!  Sorry girls!!!! My bad! I was a bit in a hurry rushing to the next event (in which I will report soon!  Hint: Showeroke!)

Lovely...lovely event!  I just had my hair colored about a month ago!  So I have to wait a couple more months to be able to give this system a try!  

Thanks the the people from L'Oreal professional for inviting me and put me in-the-know for such hi-tech hair coloring system! It's comforting to learn that prettifying oneself doesn't have to be bad for your health!  We can always choose to go on the safer side!  And thanks to companies who continuously research to make us beautiful at the same time comfortable!

Have a wonderful Friday!
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. I've been coloring my hair since after college, and admittedly, it brought serious damage to my naturally nice locks. =( Thanks for this info, Nikki, will definitely use this next time! No Ammonia! Hurray! =D

  2. Hi Nikki! I love coloring my hair and I think this is a great innovation for the hair coloring industry=) kudos to loreal and thanks for the info nikki=)

  3. Go ako diyan! I will definitely give it a try, I hate coloring my hair because of the smell talaga! thanks! Na uuptodate ako sa blog mo!

  4. wow! please give it a review :D i would like to see how the color turns out :D

  5. I used to color my hair but stopped because it was causing serious damage to it. So I think this is a very interesting innovation.

  6. Can't wait for this to come out! I want to be really really light blond and don't want to ruin my hair.

    P.S. You've got a blog award:

  7. I'm excited to try this product! No Amonia no smell! YAY! like what Shen said last night my hair is the only virgin part of me lolz!

    Can I do the coloring myself at home? How much is it?

  8. this looks great! i colored my hair for the first time ever this month, but i'm not confident on doing this on my own yet :)

  9. i just mentioned in your last entry that i'm scared to dye my hair! but this one got me a little curious and i really want to try it out! any idea on the price?thanks!

  10. wow, no scent? that's amazing. I always help my mom dye her hair and the nasty smell of die makes me sick ugh!

  11. OK lang, dami natin pics naman sa Heaven :) So nice to have hung out with you again, sweetie :) Mwah! And I'm still grabbing your pics! Thanks, love!

  12. Dang! Me, I started after college, which is probably the same time you were in College! hahaha ooops talk about age! Yup this is definitely a must try! I told my mom in law about it na :)

    The Ghetto gurls, girls :) Thanks

    Rockie, so true, I have to really color my hair Saturday so I'll stay at home on Sunday with the bad scent! No ..bad scent no more!

  13. Xin, I will! I just colored my hair a month ago, so I have to wait to give this a try!

    Gio, yes, I wish you have this there!

    Helena, light blond, woo!!!!! Thanks for the blog award you are very sweet

  14. Earth, hahahah your hair is gorgeous! I don't think you even need to color your hair! This is a salon treatment done by professional only, sad to say, we can't do this at home :)

    crystal, no, this is definitely a salon treatment so no need to do this on your own!

    Peaches, no idea :( I think it really depends on the length of your hair too! If I have regrowth and I will go to a salon for this treatment, I'll definitely report back on the pricing :)

  15. Becky, I know!!! That's God's answer to our hair coloring woes!

    Tara, awww..I'll upload soon! Been super busy lang :D

  16. hi, i'm a nursing it safe for me to wear inoa?

  17. Hi Anonymous, I personally heard that INOA is even ok for "pregnant women", BUT, personally, I believe in better safe than sorry, no matter how gentle a product maybe, I strongly suggest not to do anything especially when you're breastfeeding, there are always "exceptions to the rules"! Wait for a couple more months before you try INOA :) Goodluck! and congrats for your baby :D


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