Saturday, June 26, 2010

AMW Reviews: By Nature Handmade Soaps

Last month, I featured 3 wonderful handmade soaps called The Island Berry!  The name itself brought me back to "Aruba,  Jamaica, Oooohh I want to take to you to Bermuda, Bahamas, Come on Pretty Mama!" --- Kokomo mood!

After more than a month of usage!  I am ready to share to you my thoughts and experiences on these! 

By Nature Handmade Soap says ---
Most of these handmade soaps contain fragrance oils* that give them their yummy and lovely scents. They all keep your skin moisturized after every shower. Your skin will feel softer and look healthier with regular use.

Main Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil
Other Ingredients: Fragrance Oils*, Ground Oatmeal, Herbs, Spices, Honey, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Milk, Cocoa Powder, Dried Leaves, Ground Pumice, Ground Coffee

*These are scent imitations of foods, fruits, flowers, leaves, and spices. They make up the small percentage of what is not natural in my handmade soaps. The reason I still use them is because I want all my users to have a choice. Those who have normal skin or who do not mind such ingredients can still enjoy the goodness of my handmade soaps with their favorite scents. But those with sensitive or problem skin are best to stick with my 100% NATURAL variants. BY NATURE Handmade Soaps uses only high-quality and premium fragrance oils.
AMW says ---

  • individually packed with sticker written the functions of each soap variant
  • unscented ones don't have scents AT ALL
  • scented ones like the Tangy Orange I've tried smells wonderful!
  • very moisturizing, skin feels soft and moisturized
  • bar's texture is like butter, but does not melt like butter
  • the bar does not melt quickly as compared to other hand made soaps
  • no allergies or skin irritations
  • inexpensive
  • not for people who hates online shopping!
  • choosing is difficult as there are so many variants online!
Testing these handmade soaps does not feel like "testing" at all as I grew to love them! On days, I don't like using scented soaps as I'd rather smell the scent of my lotion rather than the mixture of lotion and soap!  So using an unscented version works really well for me.  On days I needed the "wake up call" or the "perk up", I use the Tangy Orange and it can make me smile!  Not the strong orangey scent but a hint of nice, natural fruit flavor!

I have to say the moisture is great too!  My skin does not flake even without lotion!  Wonderful addition inside my bathroom!

  • use a soap dish to keep them dry after usage
  • gently lather thee soap then massage them all over your body
  • you can use a loofah for gentle scrubbing
  • I don't wash the soap right away, I prefer leaving it a bit longer.  You can choose to massage your hair with conditioner to save time!
  • order together with a friend to save up on shipping!
  • perfect as gifts!
Will I repurchase?
Where to purchase and how much?
At Island Berry Website
Price for Regular bars:
For full bars: Php95.00 ($2.00)
For half sized bar: Php55.00 ($1.20)

Price for Special bars:
For full bars: Php125.00 ($2.70)
For half sized bar: Php75.00 ($1.63)

By the time you're reading this, I am on my 2nd Dollface Personal Makeup Workshop!  I love teaching make-up and I'm sure it'll be a wonderful day!

Before I end this post, please let me know if you are into regular soaps or handmade soaps?
I personally prefer handmade soaps as I have lesser allergies and dryness!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Aweee! Loveee using soaps for summer time

  2. I recently joined the By Nature bandwagon. I was planning to get Cocoa Butter Melt and Sea Mud Pie. Might try that next after I use up the 2 bars. :P Thanks for the review. I noticed that it doesn't easily melt too. :)

  3. sounds like another fabulous product. Share with us your makeup workshop ya..thanks

  4. I'd have to agree that it's so difficult to choose which variant to cart first because there are so many variants available! :D

    Pammy -- I'm also surprised on how long the bars stay solid considering they don't have synthetic preservatives. :) Talk about value for money!

  5. Anastacia :) I know what you mean< I use soap almost all year round!

    Pammy, yes, I read your review :)

    Lavender, sure dear!

    Phoebe Ann, thanks for telling me to try the scented Citrus soap, I love it the most! :)


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