Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Wonder: Products You're Scared to Use

Happy Thursday everyone!  The week passed by pretty well!  People may think I've never been sad nor in a bad mood.  Well, I am only human!  I do get tired, sleepy, not in a mood, sad and most of all Psychotic! (hahaha, at least I admit it!) and a lot of you would ask me why I'm always in a cheerful mood!  Well, it's just perspective and choice!  I choose to be happy and cheerful because that's how I want my life to be and I choose to be happy!  I hope that sends out a good vibes to all of you :)

The week went well, I've been pretty diligent with my reviews, nail art tutorials and I've been answering email and Cbox queries quite on time!  So, I guess its time for me to turn the table again and create an "I Wonder" post this week because I seriously love hearing from YOU!  I enjoy reading your comments especially suggestions because beauty knowledge needed some expansion! *winks*

Being a beauty blogger, people may think I review ALL products that's available in the market.  WRONG!  I am very keen with the products I use and review.  There are so many wonderful products out there, we all agree on that but there are definitely products we know we just can't use.  To make it more specific, I'll talk about what I use daily, Facial Washes!  There are 2 types of facial washes I've always wanted to try and yet, I chicken out....

1. Facial wash that doubles as scrubs
Everyone who reads my blog knows I complain about my skin's dryness!  Though scrubbing once a week is recommended, scrubs and micro-beads give me the chills!  One Scrub I've always wanted to try is the Garnier Skin Naturals Brightening Scrub Wash.

2. Facial wash that has oil control
If I see "Oil Control" in any facial product, you bet I'll run the opposite direction!  Would you believe though that I grew up with Johnson's Clean & Clear Facial Wash?  I guess I am a big proof that an oily-skinned teenager can grow up to have dry-skin...Adolescence...ugh!

So yeah, I've spilled the beans on what I'm scared to try.  But dear oily-skinned friends out there!  Don't worry, the 2 products mentioned above have been used by our resident Mr. Askmewhats!  He's got the oilies!  I may interview him for reviews on the above two products!  Interested?  Give him the nudge!  *laughs*  

I Wonder:
"Are there any specific products you're scared to try?"
Smile and click comment!  This is fun, well not really, but it's fun to know what products we steer clear from!!!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Ohhh! I'm using the same Clean & Clear facial wash recently and I like it a lot! Very nice stuff, especially for the summer/hot time!

    I'm scared of using oil make-up removers or any oily stuff for my face. Kindda messy and sounds so "oily" :D

  2. Girl, i think you and i have the same skin!! I will run away too when i see anything with "oil-control" written on it!! :D

    I'm also super wary of any products containing alcohol... they almost always break me out when used long term! :(

  3. First thing that popped in my head when I read your post title: AMIRA whitening cream. My cousin & some friends swear to death about it, but I'm just too scared with the ingredients etc., especially that it promises "magic". Buti nalang, I'm happy naman with my skin tone. No complaints. =)Goodmorning, Nikki! Great night with you guys!

  4. I'm scared to use anything from Pond's, Olay, Clean and Clear, and Garnier or those local skin whitening facial wash stuff. ;D

    I think I'll forever have oilies. ;D

  5. i'm scared to use anything with oil! except cleansing oils. hahaha!

  6. im super scared of facial whitening products.. i see melasma or hyper-pigmentation everywhere i go, and i pity these women who fell trap to false and misleading beauty ads..

    The ViXeN's LaiR

  7. lol! i've used Clean and clear facial wash too when i was in college =P scared to try garnier coz their moisturiser gave me breakouts..

  8. Hi,

    I previously used two types of Ponds facial wash (facial scrub & whitening) and both worked well with my face, however, I bought Garnier brightening scrub last Saturday to give it a try and I love the lemony fresh smell and cool feeling it gives my face after every wash.

    I'm just happy to know there are two facial products I can alternately use for my face...Ponds & Garnier.

    So far can't figure out any product I am scared to try.

    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  9. Lash Serum! My eyes are super sensitive and tends to get scratches easily.

  10. Anything whitening, I'm scared that my face will turn out whiter than my neck! I also used to be afraid of using oil to clean my face because it's so greasy, but I recently started using cleansing oil and it's pretty good, not as oily as baby oil or cold cream and does the job :)

    If I may make a suggestion, why not let Mr. Askmewhats write his own review? :D Just give him a list of guide questions! That would be interesting.

  11. My mom always stops me from using different types of products on my face because they might give me "pekas" (freckles) when Im older. But the curious me loves buying all sort of facial washes in search for my HG.Though, my mom doesnt need to stop me from using papaya soaps and anything whitening on my face because I really wouldnt use them.

  12. before i'm using garnier light cream but when we moved..i get pimples ..i stop using it.. maybe the weather it's colder here..

  13. Hello :)

    Actually, there are a lot of products I am really scared to try, BUT it is not mainly because I'm afraid of how my skin will react. Although I shy away from products that I will make my skin to produce more oil & irritate it; specifically Clinique's line of moisturizer. I've tried Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, after just one hour my face oiled up twice than it used to :(

    The MAIN reason is, because I lack the budget for it LOL. It may sound silly, but a student like me with a puny :P allowance needs to be wary of what products to buy :)

  14. in my case, it's BB Cream!
    i have tried it, but it made me so scared about it when it made my acne worse

    though im still trying to conquer my fear...ika nga e 'face your fear'..adidas!

    oh & i would like to really use highlighter, but i have a round & big face. hnd lng cguro halata sa pics ko pero mataba tlg ko.& i feel that highlighters can emphasize my face even further kahit na alam ko na it's just have to do with the application, but i seem to shy away from highlighters tlg e

  15. hello,=)

    I basically try anything under the sun regarding face and body. But i'm quite wary when it comes to hair products. I steer clear away from drugstore shampoos. Especially those that claims to be 'anti-dandruff'. Don't be mistaken though, those stuff really works, but the chemical strained my hair too much and my hair fell out a lot. Now, I use chemical free, natural ingredient shampoo =)

    As for my sister, she has sensitive lips so she basically shy away from all lips products. Quite a shame really cz there's tons of awesome lipbalms, lipglosses, liptints, lipsticks and etc in the market.

  16. Clean & Clear face wash is really helpful to cure acne or pimples.

  17. I'm scared to try any product from Pondds and Olay coz I broke out from them when I was younger...also, i would love to try different liquid and cream foundations but I chicken out everytime since I'm afraid I'll breakout from them too. :)

  18. I never want to try anything from Garnier and SImple (english brand).. I tried it once and it was so bad (more like it didnt do anything) I never looked at those brand ever again!

  19. I'm scared to try anything whitening as my skin is already white enough. Also vibrating mascaras scare me lol.

  20. like you,i stay away from products with oil control as i have extremely dry skin that if i don't moisturize for a day, my skin would peel like crazy. I also shy away from any whitening products because i think I'm ghostly enough.
    Generally, I'm scared of trying a lot of beauty products with the simple reason that the products might not work for me and my money would go to waste. =P

  21. I'm always afraid to try peels because ..well, its supposed to cause skin to peel off! that's a really scary concept even if the results are amazing.


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  22. I'm scared of trying facial products from The Face Shop, Elianto and Etude. I tried Face Shop's "Su hyang Snow" before, I felt like it didn't do anything, it just stayed on my face until washed it of. It didn't make me break out but it made my face really dry. I didn't like the smell of it as well. 'til then, I got scared of buying and using their facial products (I love their nail polishes though!) For now, I'd rather stick to my usual facial products.

  23. ☆Anastacia☆ , oh you must have oily face to have Jnj work for you! I don't have any issues with JNJ i find that it's a nice product, just not for my skin type :)

    Jenn, same here! anything containing alcohol makes my skin flake! :)

    Dang, oh yeah, whitening products on face is a bit scary to use as you can't expose yourself in the sun! Not unless you have the right SPF! so true, be happy with your skin color, you're beautiful na sis!

  24. Pammy, ahhhh I get you. Oh no, wait til you get into your 30s or 40s, you may change your mind! hahhaha

    Crystal, hahahah Cleansing oils are great!

    DaMnViXeN, I know what you mean, if it works for them, lucky them, but I've seen a lot of failed whitening products!

  25. Khymm, ahhh I know what you mean, I've tried Olay once and I got some breakouts, it could be monthly thing but you know how paranoid we girls are!

    AiDiSan, that's great that the 2 brands work for you :) I am not sure yet if they work for me, just a bit wary to try! :)

    Care G., oh you must have very sensitive eyes, speaking of sensitive eyes, I may have to say Contact lenses for me! I've been wanting to try it but too scared!

  26. Karysa, yes, that's what I'm planning to do! No worries, you'll see his review soon! :)

    Jenobebs, ahhh whietning stuffs or papaya soaps! got ya!

    zashiq5, oh yeah! I stopped using JnJ back then when I moved to another country too! Weather is very important to take into consideration when you buy facial products!

  27. Made, so true, lacking of budget will make you go away! But hey, I'm sure there are some affordable products you're scared to try! Would you be willing to try China made beauty products? Makeup?

    ~tHiAmErE~, ah yeah! BB Cream!!! I don't use and try just any BB cream too!

    aisyah De Cullen, ahh I've tried so many Hair products and I remembered using ALoe Vera (the real thing) on my hair which works for almost everybody but it didnt' for me! Oh yeah, be careful with lip products, tell your sister that! Some may cause lip darkening!

  28. Jacklyn, yes it does! especially for oily skinned!

    Crystal Gale, I know what you mean!

    Nicnic, if one product from a certain brand broke you out, its really scary to try even their other lines! I know what you mean

  29. Gio hahahah I am intrigued with vibrating mascaras! hahahha :)

    Peaches, its difficult to have dry skin right? I got into super dry skin way back, itchiness, flaking, redness, its just not a pretty sight!

    Roxy, peels! True, that's scary to use too!

  30. Mia, I have used so much from The Face Shop for skin care, it just does nothing for me, so I guess that's why I moved on to other brands! :) Thanks for sharing


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