Wednesday, June 23, 2010

AMW Reviews: Elianto Cream Concealer

When I gave Elianto Store at SM The Block a visit, the Elianto Cream Concealer with a sign of "Cosmo Beauty Awards" caught my attention, I told myself I have to give it a try no matter how many concealers I currently own.  If it won an award, it's worth to give it a try considering the price isn't bad at all!

Elianto Cream Concealer says ---
This soft concealer cream has high and long-wearing invisible coverage for skin's imperfections and discolourations. Water -resistant, fragrance-free and non-acnegenic. Enriched with Mineral Oil, It effectively covers dark circles and blemishes. It can be applied with brusher, a latex sponge, or the fingertips.

Available in: Medium, Dark and Deep
Made in: Korea

AMW says ---
  • very creamy
  • though creamy texture, does not oil up the whole day
  • a little is enough
  • medium to heavy coverage
  • coverage is build-able
  • inexpensive
  • feels light
  • nice packaging and easy to take along
  • can sit in fine lines if skin is not moisturized enough
  • quite tricky to apply, needs a lot of practice
  • limited shades available

If you're looking for heavy coverage concealer that's inexpensive, this is the one to watch out for. This deserve the award because it does cover spots, redness, under eye circles but I have to repeat that moisturizing is really needed especially if you have lines or dry skin like myself.  It is a bit tricky to apply at first but given the practice, you'll get the hang of it. 

  • apply using patting motion, never rub especially the under eye area
  • if your skin is dry, apply moisturizer first, let it absorb, then go with foundation then concealer
  • test on testers before purchasing
  • if you are using this mainly to cover dark circles, choose the concealer shade that has distinct orange tone.  Medium works really well for under eye circles.
  • store in cool dry place
  • try to clean your hands prior to dipping your hand on this product for hygiene purposes.  For makeup artists, use a spatula in picking the product.
  • I prefer warming the concealer on my hand first prior to application so the texture goes creamier and easier to apply
  • stop usage if allergies or skin irritations occur
  • purchased this product and found out it doesn't work for you?  Give it to a friend and make them happy!
Will I repurchase?
Not for myself, for my makeup train case, my skin is a bit dry so the concealer sits in lines.  I'll use this for oily skinned clients!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Elianto stores for Php399.00 (approx $8.70) for 6grams

A swatch of Elianto Cream Concealer in 01 Medium
Above photo: No flash
Below photo: With Flash

Here's step by step on how I applied my Elianto Cream Concealer
1. Applied concealer using my ring finger with a dabbing motion
2. dab continuously until concealer sets and covered dark area/redness
3. set with your favorite setting powder
4. stand back and check if there are any uneven colors

Before and after concealing
After concealing set with powder 
(as seen my lashes are full of powder, hahaha)

Hope my review helps to a lot of my readers who were requesting for this review!
Feel free to click "comment" to ask me queries or give me some thoughts if you have tried this!
I have to remind you that different people have different reactions to similar products, so please test this in store prior to purchasing!  

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. It sounds so nice! I wish we have this brand over here!

  2. Swatched this a couple of times, super creamyyy pero parang masyadong makapal for me hehe

  3. i love this nikki!!! pero nakakasawa ang tagal maubos.. hehe

  4. how do u apply the concealer if u are combining this with a different shade of foundation? for example,in2it harvest + elianto 01(which is medium)

    I still have a hard time trying to "conceal" the concealer since its lighter than my foundation.

    Any tips?

  5. we dont have this brand here,so sad.But it seems like a good product,it cover the dark circles so well.Have a nice day,Nikki

  6. aww.. tagal na akong curious nito. Sayang I have dry skin on my undereyes din, for sure this will look cakey on me but I will still check it out on stores din coz im looking for a full coverage concealer for clients.. Thanks for the review!

  7. For the price, the quality seems really nice. Interesting product. :P

  8. it works so well on u! and it is inexpensive. good find sis! :D

  9. i've read a lot of good things about this but i've never tried it myself :)

  10. this is sooo interesting. when i come home i'll make sure to pick up some elianto stuff.

    thanks for commenting on my bright blue look. i really liked it hehe...

  11. its the only concealer i use for clients and for myself:D

  12. Thanks for the review. I'm really curious to try products from this brand, they all seem so good but unfortunately Elianto's not available here. :(

  13. After looking at your pictures, I have to agree that the concealer made the lines around your eyes more visible. Thanks for the review.

  14. Wow, that looks amazing! I wonder if they have this in light. Medium always looks too dark on me. :(

    Great review as always hun!

  15. Anastacia, yay! Finally! hahaha A Brand I talk about that you can relate :)

    Caby, well I try to use it light handed and its ok :)

    Donnarence, so funnY! Spoken like a true makeup addict! Hoping the product to finish up!

  16. Anonymous, if you're using powder foundation, I prefer using Concealer first, conceal everything then gently pat it on with a powder! try to add more, the problem with concealing is that most of the time, we aren't using enough that's why we weren't able to cover it up well! :)

    Garnet, thank you, have a wonderful day too!

    Khymm, I guess we really have to moisturize our skin well prior to using any product :)

  17. Pammy, yes, its not pricey! I like the quality!

    Xin, thanks sis!

    Crystal, well at least you have idea now how it works on me :) Thanks for reading!

  18. Becky, awwww...let me know when you visit! I'd love to meet you!

    Ria! I KNOW you love this!!!!

    Gio, sorry, I guess a lot of brands I blog about isn't available on your side of the world! If you need anything, let me know!

  19. Violet, so true! Pictures speaks a thousand words!

    Tao, so far, this is the lightest :)

  20. I have this but I can't use it, I don't know what moisturizing I need to keep the lines appearing after wearing a creamy concealer like this one.. Help Nikki! It's been with me since last year but I tend to look old because of the creasing. :(

  21. I know the creasing issues, kaya I strongly recommend to use an eye cream prior to usage as this can really crease big time! With the right moisturizer, it'll help lessen the crease or NO crease at all! Just make sure to let it sink in prior to concealer application!


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