Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nail Art Tutorial: "Romantic Florals"

Hey hey hey dear friends! How's the week treating you?  I had quite a relaxing weekend so my week started off okay.  I did this nail art mid-week last week and thought of sharing it to you, just so you know, it's still surviving as I repaint it with another coat of top coat!  So thank goodness all crystals are still intact and I haven't chip it YET! :)

I've done a simple nail art design close to my heart --- FLORAL.  I hope you won't get tired of it ok?

Step 1: 
Prior to nail polish application, apply your favorite base coat to protect your nails, let dry.  A lot of readers ask how I take care of my nails and I guess I take care of it by using a nice base coat each and every nail polish application.  It does help lessen the yellowing of nails.

Apply 2 coats of Caronia Frosted Polish in POSH.

Step 2: 
Using Prettynails' 2 way nail art pen in White or any tool to create dots, create 5 dots for flowers and add as many as you like.

Step 3: 
With the needle method, create a more "realistic" petal by sharpening one edge of the dot. as shown on picture below. 

Step 4: 
Dot any polish color that suits your taste, I've used yellow polish from Elianto with a Nail Art Dotting tool to create flower bud.

Step 5: 
I want to use my Swarovski stones, so I've added crystal in between the biggest flower for a nice sparkle.  Use a clear polish to let the stones stick.

Step 6: 
Top everything with your favorite top coat.  I've applied 2 coats of top coat to protect the crystals.  It does stay for more than a week.

The simplest yet daintiest nail art you can start to do!
I have started my nail art with flowers!  
You can smile and click HERE to see my first nail art ever

Have a wonderful nail art design week!
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. this is really pretty and simple! I just ordered some rhinestone nail decorations so im really excited to test them out when they come in :) thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Like your cute flowers! Pretty as always!

  3. Your nails look so dainty! See I couldn't do anything remotely close to this freehand...thank goodness I have Konad lol

  4. Pretty and simple..I love the combination colors..

  5. The flowers look really pretty. And pink! :P

  6. The flowers look really pretty. And pink! :P

  7. I've always enjoyed your nail tutorials! Very awesome.

  8. Love it, so pretty and beautiful! The flowers are so cute!

  9. Sooo pretty! If it weren't for konad, I wouldn't even be able to do something this cute. My girl Nikki is so talented!

  10. i always love floral designs! cant go wrong :D


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