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AMW Reviews: Koren Zander Pro Brush Soap (Cantaloupe)

Today is Thursday and it's a perfect day to talk about TBT #ThrowbackThursday.  Same as a lot of you, I love watching Beauty Gurus on YouTube!  I am fascinated by how much I learned by just a few clicks on my computer/iPad!  One of my favorite guru is none other than Koren of Enkore!  I find him as one of the smartest Beauty Guru on Youtube and I seriously learn so much from him!  With his limitless ideas, I'm not surprised he finally came up with his own product line!  I'm still rooting for his makeup line but for now, I'm glad he created a Pro Brush Soap with loofah at the backside of the soap! 

Why?  Well...deep cleaning my brush is one task I try my best to love!  It is a difficult task especially for a mom like me who don't have enough time to stand in front of the sink for almost an hour cleaning ALL my professional brushes!  As much as I'd love to skip this step, I know I can't as I'm protecting the faces of my clients!  

How do I deep clean my brushes?  I make sure to have a sponge with me as swirling the brushes on the palm of your hand is fun for the first 10 brushes but it is a pain on the neck, hand and legs if you go beyond 10!  (Comment YES if you agree!) 

Thankfully, Koren Zander created ONE smart bar of brush soap with an attached loofah on the other side!  After using this soap for weeks, I'm ready to share my thoughts on this!

Product spotlight:
The soap has the "Enkore" logo

Koren Zander says ---
Enkore  Pro Brush Soap is  a  foaming, moisturising, and formulated with 5 different conditioners, these brush soaps will render any makeup brush super clean, and super soft.  Use on both Natural and Synthetic fibers.

PRO Brush Soap Ingredients: 
Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol, Water, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Myristate, Sodium Laurate, Triethanolamine, Glycerin, Titanium Dioxide, Passionfruit (Brazilian Maracuja) Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Loofah.

May Contain (+/-): Iron Oxides, FD&C Lakes, Polyester-3, Fragrance. *Unscented does not have fragrance.

Available in : Mango, Lemon, Cantaloupe, Gardenia and Unscented.

 AMW says ---
  • Comes in a travel case that it easy for me to tote around.
  • Does not contain "nut oil" products which can cause allergic reactions to people with nut allergies.
  • Smells great but the scent does not stay on your brushes after washing.
  • Very smooth texture, hand does not feel dry after washing all my brushes!
  • The loofah side is a smart idea, removes makeup residue with a breeze.
  • Brush hair (both synthetic and animal hair) feels soft after washing.
  • Removes ALL traces of gel liners and lipsticks on a small sized brush.
  • Comes in various scents, you can pick an unscented version if you have sensitive nose.
  • Won't remove ALL cream/liquid makeup residues on medium to bigger sized brushes.
  • Price.  Depending on how many brushes you own, this may last you longer if you do not have a lot of brushes.  For professional MUAs like me, I find it very easy to use up the soap!
A very moisturizing brush soap that works in removing makeup residue on both synthetic and animal hair brushes.  The loofah side helps loosen up makeup residue so washing your brushes is a breeze with just 1 product.

from Koren Zander
  • Wet your dirty brush and simply lather on one side of the soap
  • Sweep your brushes back and forth
  • Use the loofah side to deep clean and loosen makeup residue. 
  • Rinse, reshape the bristles, and dry the brushes flat.
from AMW
  • For medium to large sized brushes that has cream/liquid based makeup products, remove makeup residue first with an Extra Virgin Olive Oil first before you proceed using the Koren Zander Pro Brush Soap.
  • Save up water by turning the faucet off and use a plastic container filled with lukewarm water.  Dip each brush once before swirling it on the brush soap as seen on photo below.

  • Have another plastic container to "loosen up" makeup residue before the final wash.  So first container is clean water while the 2nd container contains makeup residue in which you can change after several dips.
  • Be careful in using the loofah side, swirl your brushes gently to prevent ruining brush hairs.
  • I prefer to put all the wet brushes with soap in a container first before washing them through running water.  That helps save our water!
  • Run through the soap under water after 3-4 brushes to remove makeup dirt and residue from the brushes.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
All makeup brush users especially professional Makeup Artists!  It saves me half the time to deep clean my brushes!

Where to purchase and how much?
Locally available at for Php430.00 (approx $9.70)

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How to use the Koren Zander Pro Brush Soap
First, I like to wet my brush with lukewarm water (dip it from a container) and gently swirl the brush on the soap side.

Flip the soap on the loofah side and swirl gently to remove makeup residue.  I suggest to wash brushes with powdered makeup products first.

The Koren Zander Pro Brush Soap helps remove gel liners and lip products in an instant!  See how much gel liner it can remove from a small angled liner brush!

Keep in mind to dry the brushes flat on a thick, absorbent towel and leave it air-dry! 
Feel free to use your brush guards to protect the shape of your brushes!

I like putting the soap back to its container and leave it open for the soap to dry on its own before closing the lid.

Overall, I am very happy with this product as it saves me time on brush cleaning.  I used to have baby shampoo, Mild detergent (for the extra anti-bacterial properties),  Extra Virgin Olive Oil  and a Sponge with me on EVERY brush cleaning.  With Koren Zander Pro Brush Soap, I only have to carry with me Extra Virgin Olive Oil and it saves me a lot of time, water, hand and leg power! :)

How do you feel about Koren Zander Pro Brush Soap?
Will you give this product a try or are you happy with your current brush cleaning style?

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(Product sent for review.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. I adore Koren and he is still my one of my favourite beauty gurus! Wish he would keep making videos :(

    Thanks for the review! I've read so many raves about this soap and I will definitely try it once i finish up my stash of MAC brush cleansers! :D

  2. Me too! I hope he gets back to giving out makeup tips and tricks! He's always good at explaining and I learned so much from him! :)

  3. hi .! i used to have facial foam for cleaning my make-up brushes, now i wonder where to avail this soap to give it a try. thanks :)

    1. it's written on "Where to buy" portion :) They also ship nationwide :D

  4. Wow. you washed a lot of brushes, cleaning brushes is a time consuming chore for me but you gotta do what you gotta do fight? I used soaps I get from hotels and looks similar to that. I have to try this out it looks very effective :)

    1. YES! That's why I'm not looking forward to wash my brushes on a weekly basis! Just tooo lazy! hahahah, ohhh nice tip on using hotel soaps! But isn't it drying for your brushes?


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