Monday, November 18, 2013

AskMeMom: Baby AMW's #KiddieSavings

This is my serious face on a serious situation...
No, I'm not taking a bar exam...
Or an IQ test....
This is MY serious face preparing for Baby Kyle's future!

If you follow me on Instagram (@AskMeWhats), you knew that I went to PSBank to apply for PSBank Kiddie Savings for my son!  Too early you say?  Well, based from personal experience, it's never too early to start saving!

Baby Kyle and your baby/kids can actually save as early as today! 

In less than a month after giving birth to Kyle, a few relatives visited us and gifted Kyle with a Red Envelope as a sign of luck and fortune. 

It is very easy as a parent to use the money to purchase baby-related stuff!  It's for him anyway!


Photo of Baby Kyle's First Red Envelope
During MY younger years, I started saving quite early, I have my own Kiddie Savings Account at the age of 8 and graduated to a regular Savings Account during my teens!  I learned the values of "saving up" or "setting aside a specific amount from my allowance" because I want my bank account to grow!  This is a very important lesson I learned and I still hold to that value up until present!  

Yes, I'm proud to say I'm free from Debt not because I'm rich, but because for the fact I know how to manage my savings!

So to keep the "savings ball" rolling, I've decided to open up an account for Baby Kyle and I got the bigger urge to do so especially after his Baptism!

Look what Kyle got from his God Parents and family! 
More Red and Gold envelopes!

And Kyle got his first cheque with his name on it!

Thanks to Nuffnang PH for introducing me to PSBank!  PSBank has a Kiddie Savers and teen Savers Accounts and application was a breeze!

All I need to bring with me are the following:
  • At least one primary ID or 2 valid secondary IDs of a parent
  • Birth Certificate of the child issued by the NSO or Certified True Copy issued by the Local Civil Registrar duly authenticated by NSO.
  • A Passport or School ID (Photo bearing duly signed by the principal or head of the school) for children who are in school.
To parents who don't have "red envelopes" yet for their child/children, don't worry as PSBank Kiddie Savers and Teen Savers Account do not require an initial deposit or maintaining balance so your kids can start saving even with a small amount!  And the good news? Their accounts will continue to earn interest regardless of the balance!  

What excites me the most about opening up an account for Baby Kyle?  The additional Personal Accident Insurance from Charter Ping An Insurance Corporation! (This was a lovely surprise) It feels good to know that Kyle is secured as long as he continues his account at PSBank Kiddie Savers.

Kyle's First Insurance
My dear Kyle and his first passbook!  This photo will definitely go straight to his "My Firsts" book!  I am so happy to jumpstart his savings and I pray he will turn into a "good saver" just like mommy and daddy!

P.S. Kyle can apply for his first ATM card once he learns how to write/sign!  That's going to be another milestone! :D

Feel free to visit for more information.  Check out PSBank branches NEAR YOU.

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  1. I had a saving acc when I was young too, i used to deposit 90% of my red packet money received from chinese new year. then as i grew older, i kept all the red packet money to myself and now my kid bank account is bankrupt already! ><

    1. LOL!!!! Now it's time to add up your "adult" account and send them to me :P *winks*

  2. waahh so happy for baby kyle :)) ... ggawin ko din yan s anak k 1day :)
    I want my baby to learn the importance of saving and to appreciate what he/she have :)

    1. yes, very important, rather than us (as parents) getting tempted to spend his money for his needs, I'd rather save it so it is easy for him to learn to save up at a young age! go go go! save na for your anak :D


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