Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Wonder: What's Your To-Go-To Palette?

Happy Tuesday AMW Friends!
Today's I Wonder Post, I wish most of you would comment back to share me your answer as I'm super intrigued to know "What's Your To-Go-To Palette?"

The reason why I asked is because over the weekend, I had the chance to fix my professional kit as I'm on for a busy November and December (yes, back to work baby!).  As I looked into my professional kit, I realized, there are so many makeup products that I personally love that I gave up because I'd rather give the best for clients!  

As I went back to fix my personal kit, I saw a palette I reach out for the most when I needed to prettify myself!  And it is not bigger than the palm of my hand!

Bobbi To Go 
Neutral Eye Shadow Palette with Mini Extreme Party Mascara

Unfortunately, this KIT aren't widely sold at Bobbi Brown counters, I believe you can find them at airport counters a few months back.

What I love about this kit is the fact that the eye shadows are smaller than regular eye shadow size, as we all know, it is difficult to finish up an eye shadow so this size is perfect!  I have used this palette so many times and I still can't see the pan!


 A closer look at the Neutral Eye Shadow Palette

The kit is a favorite of mind as it includes all the much-needed shades to create neutral eye makeup plus I can easily transition from day to night using the same palette!
1 Navajo Metallic , 2 Cement, 3 Velvet Plum Metallic, 4 Caviar,
5 Navy, 6 Rockstar Metallic, 7 Sterling Shimmer Wash, 8 Snow Shimmer Wash.

Aside from the usual white, black, navy blue, silver and brown that made this palette my to-go-to eye shadow kit, the most unique part of this palette is shade number 2 Cement, Cement is a perfect crease-color for me as it gives an effect of a deep-set eyes wish just a few swipe of this!  This shade is somewhat in between of MAC Cork and Wedge shadows!  

Please click comment below and share to us your to-go-to palette as of today!
A palette that can help you easily create a daytime look yet can help you transition to a night time or party makeup! 

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  1. I attended a Bobbi Brown workshop a few weeks ago and they're raffling this off! Sayang I didn't get it.. :(
    Anyway, my to-go-to palette would be my Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow 2 palette. It only has 4 colors but it's enough to transform my look from day to night! Plus, i use the darkest shadow for my brows so it's another use for me!

    1. Ahhh the Pure Color Eyeshadow palette from Estee Lauder is wonderful! I have Estee Lauder shadows and I think they are really pigmented and nice! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Naked 1 palette! :) all I'll ever need. haha

    1. Ooohh would you believe I do not have a Naked Palette? I think I need to have one!


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