Saturday, December 7, 2013

AMW Reports: Vietura at Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Happy weekend!  By the time you're reading this, I'm doing a shoot for one of my favorite cosmetics brand!  Do follow me on Instagram for updates (@AskMeWhats).

Early this week, after Kyle's monthly checkup, I've decided to visit Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle located at Sofitel Manila.  I was invited by Jane of Sofitel to try their services, and to be honest, I'm not that keen but I'm always open for something new!

Upon arrival, we were ushered at the lounge and served with Blossom Tea!  I haven't had this tea for quite some time, the last time I had this was in China 8 years ago! 

I was asked to fill up the consultation form.  In Vietura, all clients need to go through consultation with an expert.

 Hallway of Vietura

I was offered to try their Ultralipo and Resolift.  Ultralipo sounds scary but thankfully, I was told that Vietura offers various non-surgical body sculpting treatments.  Aside from various treatments, Vietura also offers weight management program in the spirit of holistic wellness.

I only went for Ultralipo and skipped Resolift as I'm not comfortable on treatments done on my face! :)

Let me share to you my Ultralipo experience.
A cold gel was applied on my tummy (or any area you want to be done).  I'm quite used to the cold gel as I've gone through several Ultrasound treatments in the past.  Then a handheld device was used and rubbed on my tummy for around 10 minutes and so far, I do not feel any pain but instead, but instead, I hear screeching sound every time the machine touches my skin.  This treatment is definitely NOT recommended for people with ear defects or people who are extremely sensitive to sounds.

My treatment room, I really like the garden that relaxes me!
 I was told the result of Ultralipo is quite immediate, most patients lose around 2-3 pounds after first treatment.  To be honest, I did lose 3 pounds when I visited my doctor yesterday, it could be the effect of me being sick or maybe, Ultralipo does help reduce my water weight from pregnancy! 

Vietura also offers cosmetic dentistry to help enhance and prettify your smile!

The most intriguing part?  They have Colonoscopy treatment which used to be only available in hospitals, thankfully, the uncomfortable treatment may be done in a very comfortable room!

Colonoscopy by the way can also aid in losing weight aside from health benefits of a clean colon.

Overall, I had a very good experience at Vietura, all their staffs are certified professionals and you can ask them anything about their treatment and services.

Feel free to contact Vietura to try try out their treatments, you can even try some of their treatments for free, all you need to do is have consultations done at Vietura.
Website: www.
tel. nos: 632.551.5555 Loc 5000

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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