Tuesday, December 10, 2013

AMW Reviews: SOFFIA Opulence All Over Face Brush and Blending Brush

Did you know that each time I deep clean my brushes (a.k.a. wash my brushes with brush soap and water) on a weekend, I have this voice inside my head saying: "These brushes are enough!"

And each time I see a new brush set or brand right in front of me (especially those that are made with high quality), my arms go wide and say: "Come to mama!"  

#MatigasTalagaAngUlo #SabikSaBrushes

When I attended SampleRoom's Thanksgiving party months ago, one of the many exciting things I found in the SampleRoom Eco bag is a black box with a name SOFFIA printed in Gold.  I immediately thought of Sophia Loren right away --- Box pa lang classy na!

Upon opening the box, I felt like there was a spotlight going straight to the 2 brushes with black handle, gold ferrule --- my kind of color combination.

SOFFIA Opulence Brushes

On my blog, I am featuring the 2 brushes I got and I've been using these 2 ever since the SOFFIA world begin! :P

SOFFIA Opulence All Over Face Brush

SOFFIA Opulence Blending Brush

SOFFIA Beauty says ---SOFFIA Opulence All Over Face Brush
The SOFFIA Opulence All Over Face Brush is a very versatile face brush that will sweep you away with its luxurious bristles that you can apply any powder product with ease and flawless results.

SOFFIA Opulence Blending Brush
The skin surrounding the area would the most delicate part of the face. Your eyes will thank you for using SOFFIA Opulence Blending Brush, as it performs excellently in creating beautiful gradation in eye makeup. Eye makeup blending at its most luxurious! 

AMW says ---
  • Washed the 2 new brushes immediately, no bleeding or shedding experience.
  • Matte black handle with a glossy film on the exterior thus the handle doesn't get easily dirty.
  • Gold ferrule!  
  • Brush hairs are super soft to touch and even during application.
  • The SOFFIA Opulence All Over Face Brush can be used as a face powder brush, bronzing brush or blush brush.
  • The SOFFIA Opulence Blending Brush can be used as eyeshadow blending brush, powder brush (on areas under the eye), concealer brush, highlighting and contouring brush.
  • The Blending Brush can be used on both liquid/cream and powdered makeup.
  • No weird scent.
  • None
  • Price.  At first glance, you may think the brushes are extremely expensive, but from personal experience, if you take care of your brushes, some may last you a decade so compute just how much it is per month! :P  I have brushes that are still alive and kicking after 10 years!
Imagine a brush made of synthetic hair that works like animal hair !  The SOFFIA Opulence All Over Face Brush works so well as a face brush and I also like using this brush to apply my blush and the effect is always natural.  As for the Blending Brush, I call this the best version of MAC224 and MAC217 rolled in one.  The size is in between, the hairs are firm enough to apply shadows on specific area at the same time soft enough to blend your shadows diminishing harsh lines in no time.

  • If your eyelid space is small, you can still pick the SOFFIA Opulence Blending Brush and use it as your concealer brush!  This is the perfect concealer brush for the undereye area.  Also a perfect brush to apply highlighting powders or contouring powder!
  • Aside from using SOFFIA Opulence ALl Over Face Brush as a ...well..face brush, you can press the center of the brush and use it as your blush brush or face contour brush.
  • Wash your brushes at least once every 2 weeks (for personal use), once every week if used professionally sprtizing brush cleaner after EVERY use.
  • Leave your brushes laying flat on top of an absorbent towel to quicken brush drying time.
  • Although SOFFIA Opulence brushes remain it's shape even after wash, protect them by using Brush Guards. (Ex. http://www.askmewhats.com/2013/10/eureka-moment-brush-guards.html)
Will I repurchase?
Yes!  The other brushes from the collection are to die for!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Makeup users!  Perfect for personal use!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Beauty & Minerals website and SOFA Retail Lab.
SOFFIA Opulence All Over Face Brush costs Php2,500.00 (approx $58.00)
SOFFIA Opulence Blending Brush costs Php950.00 (approx $22.00)

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Both brushes are worth investing, soft to touch and you can murder it like the way I did on photos but they still went back to their original shape!  (Don't do this at home!) 

Now that I'm looking at the website, I seriously want to invest on all the brushes available!  Now here's a challenge for you....

Given the chance to pick JUST ONE, which SOFFIA Opulence brush would you pick and why?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


(Product received via SampleRoom as partner blogger.  Review 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. I think I would love the all over face brush because this is the one that I would get a lot of use for.... I can use it on powders and on blushes! awww, but maybe if I do decide to get one I would still change my mnind? I also want the Perfect skin foundation brush.....

  2. I would love the Opulence Powder/Cheek brush--in fact, I'm seriously considering getting that for myself as a Christmas gift :P It looks like it has the perfect shape!

    1. yay! you deserve it after a year of hard work! :)


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