Friday, January 24, 2014

AMW Reports: MAC Technique Event with Gregory Arlt (Tips Overload!)

Happy Friday AMW Friends!
Okay, as seen on my title, this is a post with LOADS of makeup tips that I learned from the recent MAC Technique event!  I am very lucky to be invited by MAC Philippines to attend such event!  I wish I could have stayed longer though as my dear tiny date (Baby AMW) and Mr. AMW was waiting for me inside the car for 2 full hours!  Aren't I the lucky Wife and Mom?  I have 2 gorgeous boys waiting for me as I learn more tips and tricks to share to you guys! :)

Gregory Arlt, to those who do not know him, is a MAC Makeup Artist and a "Beauty Exorcist".  He calls himself a Beauty Exorcist as instead of hiding the face with makeup, he likes to think of it as pulling out the face by enhancing features and bone structures.

Seriously speaking, 2 hours passed by like minutes!  He is not only a great makeup artist but a wonderful teacher!  You get to learn and laugh at the same time as he is a very funny guy!

Now on to the tips!  Gregory Arlt is an international makeup artist who has done the faces of various celebrities from Katy Perry, Dita Von Teese,Liza Minnelli, Fran Drescher, Victoria Beckham, etc...

During the workshop, lucky gorgeous model Ann came in bare faced (don't you love how pretty she is even without makeup?) ready to be prettified by THE Gregory.

Gregory explained how important it is to "prep" the skin. You can also use primers and charged water depending on the needs of your skin.

As for foundation, treat foundation like a skincare, purchase foundation that is apt for your skin.  Grgeory advised us to always start at the center of your face working downwards.  Blending is your friend and never forget to include foundation on the eyelid and lip area as they tend to have discoloration on those areas.

As for concealing, MAC195 is the perfect concealer brush and a nice tip I learned that night?  Mix foundation with your concealer and always choose concealer that is exactly your skin tone.

Still on the concealer, NW concealers from MAC has peach base so this is the best type of concealer to cover up purplish shade like undereye circles.

When you apply concealer, tilt your chin down as you look in the mirror so you get to conceal all the edges!  Always remember to set the concealer using mineral powder for a gentle finish.

Did you know that: MAC Face and Body will finally be available in the Philippines this coming February?  YAY!!!!

After your "base" (face) is ready, Gregory likes to start with "blush" application, it all depends on YOU though whether you would like to start your eyes, cheeks or lips, there's no right or wrong when it comes to makeup!

Now on to the eyes, if you are very confused with what shade of MAC eyeshadow to start with, you'll definitely know the answer when you finish reading this post!  

MAC Ricepaper - Gregory's favorite eyeshadow paired iwth his favorite 252 brush.  Another tip on eyeshadow application is to do application with eyes open.  How?  By tilting your chin in front of the mirror so you get to see the "end result". Keep in mind to grab eyeshadow pigments only one side of the brush and always tap before you put the brush close to the lid to prevent eyeshadow fallouts.

In the Philippines, it is another must to use a primer for eyeshadow to stay longer!  The best primer from MAC that I love?  Paintpots! 

You want more tips on what's a MUST MAC eyeshadow to collect?
  • MAC Expresso: Perfect brow shade.
  • MAC All that Glitters: A Peach Gold shade perfect to use on lids.
  • MAC Wedge: Perfect sculpting shadow for the eyes.
  • MAC Sketch or MAC Embark: with 266 brush used as eyelining shade.

Now on to the lips, most of us would like to blot our lip conditioner or moisturizer with a regular tissue paper before we apply lipstick.  One tip I got from Gregory is to use any wet tissue with "aloe" as it does not transfer tissue fiber on lips at the same time, it helps condition the lips as you remove excess lip product!  Great idea right?

As for lip products, cover lips with foundation if you plan to use light colored lipsticks, tap powder around the mouth to "set" or use a lip pencil shade OAK with a 231 brush.

Finish look, very neutral, natural yet red-carpet worthy!

Which among the tips mentioned above is your favorite?
I hope you learn something from this post just as much as I learned from the workshop!  Happy Friday!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. OMG YAY I can't wait to finally try MAC Face and Body when it gets here

    1. and the best part? It will be available in smaller size so it's okay for us to purchase and try!

  2. my favorite tip would be the wet tissue with aloe. never thought of that!

  3. woohoo, i like the tip on applying e/s with eyes open! gotta try that soon! amishooo

    1. Sis even with eyes close or open (when you are doing the application) PERFECTION lagi :D


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