Thursday, January 23, 2014

AMW Reviews: Toni&Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo

Today is a hair day!  I will be sharing a quick review on my most recent Dry Shampoo from Toni&Guy.  When I gave birth to Baby AMW, I followed the 1 month no hair washing and it kills me!  Trust me, if there's one thing I dislike about giving birth, it is the no bath/shower for 1 full month!  The process of giving birth ain't bad to be honest!  *laughs*  

The first dry shampoo I've tried is from Dove and it was gifted to me by my dearest friend who swore by it!  But after trying it out in our very humid country, I felt the Dove one isn't enough for our weather.  

Recently, I got Toni&Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo and I tested it out right away!  Since I work from home, it is easy to be lazy on days I do not need to get out of the house!  I tested this product several times and I'm finally ready to reveal if this product is worth it or not.

Toni&Guy says ---
TONI&GUY Dry Shampoo absorbs excess oil and grease from the hair root to extend the life of your hair without washing it by a day. The advanced formula leaves no white residue while adding body, volume and texture for a quick restyle.

AMW says ---
  • Smells great!
  • No white residue indeed.
  • Gives a bit of volume upon spraying the roots.
  • Lessen the oiliness especially on the scalp area upon spraying.
  • No dandruff.
  • The oiliness of my scalp return after a couple of hours in our very humid weather.
  • Price.
  • Hair looks less oily and pretty clean but I don't have the "feeling" of freshly shampooed hair.
Nice to have especially if you are always in a hurry to dry your hair after every wash.  Toni&Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo does lessen the oily look especially on the scalp area, gives a bit of volume but doesn't have the super "clean hair" feel (maybe it's just me!)

  • Spray directly concentrating at the roots to create volume and decrease oiliness.
  • Spray at a distance and gently scrunch your hair with your fingers for volume.
  • After trying out different ways, spraying only on the root area is the best way to prevent hair from oiling up as opposed to spraying from root to tip.  
  • For hairstylists out there, if the client's hair is not oily, use this instead of regular hairspray to create volume.
  • Wash your hair once a week with clarifying shampoo to reduce hair products residue.
Will I repurchase?
No, as I wash my hair daily and if I do skip a day of hair-washing, my hair isn't that oily to begin with.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Moms who just gave birth and follow the 1 month no hair wash rule.
Girls who have limp hair or girls who do not wash their hair daily.
This product is also best used if you live in a country with 4 seasons.  I can totally imagine using this during winter!  Anyone can relate on how we like to skip hair washing during winter season!
Where to purchase and how much?

Priced at Php990.00 (approx $23.00) available at hair salons nationwide.

Just in case you're free on January 28, Tuesday, Toni&Guy will have a Hair Party at Prive!  Check out the poster below for details if you want to join! #HairMeetWardrobe.

Do you need Dry Shampoo in your life?
I personally can live without Dry Shampoo but for girls who have extremely limp hair or oily scalp, this can help lessen oiliness even on days you shampooed your hair!

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(Product sent for review.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. I'm currently using the one from Batiste - works a treat but I don't like the scent and the strong fumes! This sounds great but I wished it was cheaper!

    1. I heard so much great things about Batiste, too bad we don't have it down here! But yeah, if I get the chance like visit there? I'll definitely try it!


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