Thursday, January 16, 2014

Initial Thoughts: Sleek I-Divine Vintage Romance Palette

Sleek Palettes have always been a hit for me!  I mean for it's price, you get 12 beautiful, very pigmented shades in a very "sleek" packaging!  Perfect for traveling and perfect for makeup artist like myself who likes to bring products that do not take up much space on my train case.

Recently, Sleek came up with a palette called Vintage Romance Palette which I find the palette to be so-me!  Well, I'm romantic and soon to be vintage!  *laughs*  February is coming up!  That's my birthday month!

Thanks Smile from Beautycornerph for sending this palette to me as Christmas Gift!  Who doesn't love makeup as gifts?  (except guys, well, okay, also girls who aren't into makeup!)

I immediately swatched the Vintage Romance Palette and played with some of the shades!  
As you check out the names of this palette, they include the romantic cities in the world which I find very unique and cute!  Not easy to remember, but still..cute! :D

As always, Sleek Palette includes double sided sponge tip applicator!

  Numbered so you can easily refer to the names and swatches below!

1. Pretty in Paris 2. Meet in Madrid 3. Court in Cannes
 4. Lust in LA, 5. Romance in Rome 6. Propose in Prague

7. A Vow in Venice 8.  Marry in Monte Carlo 9.  Honeymoon in Hollywood
10. Bliss in Barcelona 11. Forever in Florence 12. Love in London

The top row of the palette includes mostly neutral shades and the bottom portion are darker to help create night time or more dramatic looks. 

The Vintage Romance Palette has only 1 Matte finish eyeshadow (Shade 6) 8 shades that has satin-y finish while 3 of them have tiny chunks of glitters (Shades 9, 11 and 12).

Overall, the palette contains mostly pink and violet hues so if you can't work out with violet eyeshadows, you may find yourself ignoring almost half of the shades included in this palette!

As for the texture, 90% of the shades are highly pigmented except maybe the lighter shades as you mayneed to re-apply for them to appear better on skin without eye primer.

Look created using Sleek I-Divine Vintage Romance Palette

Shades used: 1. Pretty in Paris 6. Propose in Prague, 10. Bliss in Barcelona 12. Love in London
I am not into purple eyeshadows but I find myself reaching out to this palette as I enjoy using the top row portion!

Sleek I-Divine Vintage Romance Palette is available locally at for Php650.00 (approx $15.00)

I can't wait to create more looks using this palette!
How do you feel about Sleek's Vintage Romance Palette?
Will you pick this up for personal use?


  1. I bought this for myself for Christmas and I absolutely love it! The names are really catchy, the colours are beautiful, it's highly pigmented and it's very reasonably priced! Would buy again!

    1. Yay! I know what you mean about the names! super catchy and romantic! and..lustful! LOL!!!

  2. I love Sleek! I have the Au Naturel and Bad Girl palettes and honestly, for the price, I don't see the need to buy from other brands. :D All you need is a primer and you're good to go :)

    1. Agree Krissy! They are really good for the price! Super inexpensive pa! I wish nga they were available during those days I was in Makeup school! Laking tipid to!

  3. I'm still lusting over the Sleek blush palettes! Those are what I want to get my hands on. This palette is really pretty and cute too though! I love the shade names. xx

    1. Oh my Arian! Super Pigmented ang Sleek Blushes!!! You have to get them! I can imagine those wild shades on your lovely cheeks! :D

  4. This eye look is really pretty! Just when I thought I have enough eye palettes, here you come to tempt me with another one I need to add to my stash ;-)

    1. LOL Sorry, but you have to thank me that I'm not tempting you with really pricey palettes! heheheh :D

  5. What a great and cute gift!
    The oalette is very beautiful and it works wth so many looks.

    1. agree, these are the types of gifts that makes our hearts flutter! :D


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