Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Achieve a Brighter Life

The moment I said "YES" to Mr. AMW's marriage proposal, I whipped out my bank book and looked into my small savings.  It hit me, this is it!  I'm not only saying YES to marriage but I'm saying YES to the real world.  My husband and I cannot rush to our parents for financial needs and we are saying YES not only to married life, we are saying YES to responsibilities --- to adulthood!

After 6 years of marriage, I'm proud to say, we did a good job planning our future, we gifted ourselves with places we wished to travel...

with gadgets we longed for...

When I learned I got pregnant last year, that's when we realized how unstable our future seems to be.  We need to have our own place to stay! 

Thankfully, I have an auditor as a husband who guides me on how to deal with my finances.  Then it hit me, why not share to everyone (even single ladies out there) to plan ahead?  I started out a bit late, on my late 20's and I wish I could turn back the time!  

Since I can't, I'd rather share this to my younger readers.  It's never too late to start saving for the future!  When and how to start?  I know, it is a bit overwhelming!  But thankfully, Sun Life Financial Community created Brighter Life Philippines --- a guide to help Filipinos to an enlightened path of Financial Freedom, best of all?  You don't have to be financially smart to enjoy the website, this website is created for EVERYONE, it is like talking to a friend who gives lessons in life and financial advises in terms even teens would understand!  *whew* 

The website is divided into 5 categories --- from Personal Finance, Family Life, Career and Business, Health and Wellness and Living it Up!  Everyone will definitely find a category that suits them.

And since you are into reading blogs (that's why you're currently reading this website!), you can also find articles that helps you see the brighter side of life (that's being positive!  I love positive articles!)  My current favorite article is written by a dear blogger friend Tara on How to Deal With Stress.  I find this article timely as I've been dealing with a lot of stress lately from both my day job and from lack of sleep!

Last but not the least, the best find about Brighter Life is the Dream Calculator!  Trust me, give this website a try as it puts my feet back on ground from "La-la-land".

What is your dream?
I clicked on "own a house", it has always been our dream as husband and wife but it was only recent (when we had Baby Kyle) that we realized how serious we are about owning one!  Just like you, we were hoping we go beyond dreaming, we want to make it a reality!

My Dream Costs 
In reality, our dream has a price tag (and not a cheap one I tell you!)

How much should I set Aside for it?
We may or may not achieve the monetary target per month but this is reality, a cyber friend telling us that if we want to make our dream come true, we have to sacrifice gadgets, travel and shopping.  It is a pain to type that out but at the end of the day, it is a sacrifice worth taking!  This is a dream not only for us as husband and wife, it is also a dream for our little one to have a secure future.

For more tips about personal finances, visit .  Give this website a try!  I tell you, I found a new friend!

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  1. I really really need to check this website! I really wanna learn how to invest for my son's future....

    1. try the website! it's fun! :D let me know how yours went

  2. checking this website out :) thanks ms nikki! :D


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