Saturday, February 1, 2014

I Wonder: Korean or Japanese Makeup?

Yay!  My favorite month is FINALLY here!  I don't know why I'm even excited!  I'm turning 35 this year!  *gasp*  Seriously, I don't feel 35 and I definitely do not act like my age!!!  

Today, I'm heading to Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria for a weekend stay as it is a yearly thing with my family for a bonding period during the Chinese New Year!  We also have this mandatory family photo taking and it was fun seeing how we changed through the years!  Ooohh, last year I was 5 months pregnant and my family gave me a surprise Baby Shower party!  This year, I have a hyper-active Baby AMW and I love the addition to the AMW family!

Seriously, I can go on and on about my life but I am stopping HERE as I don't want you to get bored!  Since I express milk 3-4 times a day, the ever hyper mommy (me!) dislike the idle time so I like to watch Youtube videos while I express milk!  That's when I start to see different makeup looks from Japanese to Korean style.  As always, inspiration struck so I thought of posting about this to get your votes!

Do you like Japanese or Korean style makeup?

If you're confused about the 2, let me share to you some of the Japanese and Korean style makeup and their differences!  First things first, I'm not generalizing that ALL Koreans and Japanese wear the same type of makeup but I'm giving some common factors on their makeup application.  

Korean-Style Makeup
Korean style makeup is more focused on dewy skin and sometimes, they like to create strong-looking eyes with the help of eyeliner.  As for the lips, gradient lips is in full swing at the moment using 2-3 different shades of lipsticks/lip glosses in one makeup look!

Japanese-Style Makeup
Japanese-style makeup on the other hand focuses on strong eyes --- loads of eyeliner changing the size of the eyes with the help of false lashes!  The blush placement is up high a bit above the apples of the cheeks to create "doll-like" effect and most of the time, they love to use nude colored lipsticks or just leave it bare!

I have been to both countries and I've seen the different of Japanese and Korean style makeup in person!  I love both looks but judging my current skin condition and lifestyle, I prefer Korean Makeup as I don't have the time to apply false lashes on a daily basis and with cooler weather, my skin is very dry so creating dewy-skin is something I'm aiming to keep me looking fresh and *ahem* young! :)

What's your kind of makeup?

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  1. I prefer Korean makeup style suitable for my personality and taste. Well also i dont like wear falses alot either cause i dont like the feel of it lol..and seriously 35?! Wow i thought your at middle twenties! ;) anyway i hope u have a wonderful birthday

    1. To be honest , I feel like Japanese style would suit me but I guess I'm just too lazy to apply falsies on a daily basis :) Thanks for the compliment, wow mid 20s? That's the greatest birthday gift! lol

  2. Tried doing this but never ko na-achieve ang dewy finish ng Korean make-up. Haaay. Hanggang eyeliner lang ako.

    1. lol! I'll try to create a blog pot on achieving dewy finish :D

  3. I am going for JAPANESE technique. Sans the lashes, blush on the cheekbones is highly recommended for women who have left their teens behind. ;) I like me some contour+bronzer combo too. Koreans don't contour too little for my taste :P

    1. LOL! daya! hahahaha Sans the lashes, I'll go for Japanese style makeup too! tamad lang talaga ako to apply lashes on the daily basis though I know I'll look better with them! :D

      Agree, Koreans do not contour, if they do, super minimal or almost invisible! :D

  4. Japanese makeup because the products themselves are of higher quality. Korean makeup is mostly image and packaging (not to say that Japanese makeup don't package well, but the contents are also top notch!)

    P.S. there have been some revolutonary changes in Japanese makeup the past year, might be good to check it out, as some might end up switching sides.

    1. Oh, I'm referring to the style though but yeah, I have to agree with you, when it comes to Makeup ..I prefer Japanese too! But at the end of the day, it depends on what type of makeup we're talking about :) So far, I'm happy with Korean BB creams and CC creams, though japanese make good BB creams and CC Creams too! :)

  5. Korean makeup technique with Japanese makeup products.... :)


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