Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Food Trip at: Tokyo Tokyo

It's Sunday and I'm finally back with a food post!  I skipped 2 Sundays as I have been very busy with so many things!  I wonder when I will stop saying the word "busy"....maybe..when I retire? :P  

Remember the Tokyo Tokyo contest I held 2 months ago?  Well, I had to visit Tokyo Tokyo again after seeing the "Ramen" poster and I took my parents and brother along at SM Sta. Mesa Branch together with Mr. AMW and Baby AMW!  It was a lovely feast, the restaurant, as always, was packed and I'm glad we got a good seat!  

As for our orders?  

Beef Misono and Honey Chicken Teriyaki Bento
 Comes with unlimited rice and 2 glasses of Red Iced Tea
This has been a winner for us as Keith and I love to share different dishes so this is perfect for couples who love to share their meals!  Both the Beef Misono and Honey Chicken Teriyaki Bento are flavorful, no need for the extra sauce on the side!

Of course, you can't expect this to be the best Gyoza around but it is worth to order if you're craving for one!  

Spicy Chicken Ramen
This features chicken chunks which spices up your usual Ramen
  This is my favorite out of the bunch, okay, I actually love all 3 especially when I'm craving for a quick ramen minus the long lines from well-known Ramen restaurants.  Good enough to fill the tummy and quite satisfying.  The spicy chicken isn't really spicy but it gives a good "kick" to the meal. Though you don't get a lot of chicken chunks, it is enough to make the broth really flavorful!

Tempura Miso Ramen
Your favorite Prawn Tempura on top of its miso flavored soup.
When it comes to Tempura, I like them dry and crunchy so I'm not a fan of this!  Though my brother loved this and doesn't mind the drenched tempura in a bowl! 

Braised Pork Ramen
It has tender braised pork slices that add flavor to the soup 
 Keith's favorite!  The braised pork slices are really tender and very flavorful!  Oh, if I may add, the egg is quite nice as it is not too dry or too wet! 

I am glad Tokyo Tokyo added more dishes in their menu for customers to have more choices! Have you tried their Ramen?  Which is your favorite variant?

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