Saturday, February 8, 2014

Instagram Check: Thank You!

Happy Saturday AMW Friends!
Today is a VERY busy day!  We need to move our bed to our new home as we need to sleep in our new home tonight!  I also have a makeup workshop to attend to both Saturdays and Sundays for Benefit Cosmetics Philippines!  Seriously, I am very excited for the busy day!  I don't know how I could manage it but I know I can! :) 

Anyways, whenever I put baby AMW to sleep, I always take at least 30 minutes to 1 hour hugging him, touching his face or just stare at him and thank God for the blessing!  Afterwards, I would go and express my milk as I scroll my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).  I also like to look back on all the photos I posted on Instagram especially at Kyle's photos! (man!  He is growing so fast!!!)  At the same time, I get to look back and thank the companies who believe in my blog and for sending me products to try!  I have YOU guys to thank to as well, when I started this blog, all I wanted was to share my thoughts on products I used and want to help other people out there to save money!  So THANK YOU to those who are still here, reading my everyday posts!  My blog won't grow without YOU!  So can we have another *group hug* please? :D 

 Because I am only human who gets really tired, my secret on staying cheerful is to always look back and thank GOD for all the blessings He has given me!  Aside from giving me the best husband, baby and family who supports me from day 1, I also have companies who support my blog!  I mean, seriously, without YOU guys, I'll probably spend MORE on beauty products!  At least, what I saved up can go to Kyle's Kiddie savings account! :D *yay*

Benefit Cosmetics sent me Christmas Gift, Christmas and New Year 2013 has passed but this came in perfectly for Chinese New Year!  I actually own The Bronze of Champions so this is my second one, so kindly expect a giveaway coming soon!  This is a lovely set perfect for summer so please visit AskMeWhats everyday! :D

Next that I'm thankful of?  Me being part of SampleRoom's family!  I mean seriously, this group is the best!  I'm not talking about freebies and free stuff (well, that is a bonus) but the fact that you know you have a family who shares common interests and believes in trying out samples before buying full size!  I mean, who doesn't love that?  It doesn't hurt that the family loves Baby Kyle!!! :D

Comes in Chocolate and Caramel flavor.  My favorite is the chocolate flavor and seriously, this is very addictive!  I actually brought all these for my family when we had a short staycation at Crown Plaza Galleria Manila and they love it too!  I only have a box left!  

Beauti Drink
Comes in: Collagen, Fiber 8,000mg, L-Gluthathione
Okay, since I'm still breastfeeding Kyle, I left this for my mom-in-law and guess what?  She loved it!  She tried L-Clutathione right away and told me it tastes good!  I wanted to have better digestion and asked to leave me a bottle of Fiber! 

Samples of CalChews and Beauti Drink are available at Sample Room!  Don't forget to register and be a member and as they always say --- Happy Sampling!

 Cynos Argan Oil Hairapy and Morocco Argan Oil
Currently, Argan Line is available at Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell GB3 and GB5, Bench Fix, Going Straight Salon, Tinette & Co., Nail-a-Holics, Louis Phillip Kee, Jimmy Lu Salon, Creation by Lourd Salon, Jesi Mendez ATC, Freshaire, Salon G2, Elevation Salon, Juro Salon, Emphasis Salon, Face 2 Face Lucky Chinatown Mall.  
FB and IG Accounts: @cynosinsidehaircare 
Twitter: cynoshaircareph

I've always been a fan of Argan Oil products for hair as I tried one from Absynthe and my hair did have a vast improvement!  Both Argan Oil Moisture Vitality Shampoo and Conditioner are good for daily use.  

As for Morocco Argan Oil, this is best used as needed and can be used on both hair and skin!  I will share a detailed review as soon as I get the chance to use these but so far, I was told these are great!

Kiehl's Set
Thanks to my brother for purchasing this set from Pudong International Airport, he really is very generous in giving me gifts!  

Laneige Tikoy and Winterland Magic Makeup Collection  
It's a perfect CNY gift to give sticky rice cake!  And it is best if it is shaped like a fish!  Aside from the lovely Tikoy, I also received their makeup collection perfect for the holidays!  This will be my first Laneige makeup item! 

A closer look on the Winterland Magic Makeup Collection.   Comes with 3 shades of lipsticks, 4 shimmery eyeshadows!

 Baby Care Plus+ Baby Bath
Ivana Body Mist 
2 lipsticks from Colour Collection
Thanks Tupperware for sending me these!  I can't wait to try Baby Care Plus+ for my little one!  The mist is so refreshing I actually spray this in my room as it does smell a bit funky at times *lol*  Poo and Pee ?  :P  It helps to have a nice violet Tupperware case to store my baby items like cotton buds, cotton pads, wet wipes etc!

And of course, food will always be welcome as who doesn't want to eat?  Especially sausages, bacon and ham?  It is very easy to tickle Mr. AMW's fancy as he LOVES breakfast and we actually spend a lot on cold cuts and sausages so thank you so much King Sue for saving us grocery budget for at least a week!  I actually tried Bockwurst and it tastes HEAVENLY, with a bit of lettuce, tomatoes, mustard and ketchup, it is like ordering expensive sausages from posh restaurants!  I promise you, Mr. AMW and I are hooked, we will definitely repurchase these!  

P.S.  Don't let me start talking about the Sliced Bacon! 

Last but not the least, what I'm thankful for is the bonding time we had at Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila, thanks to my brother for booking us a room and Kyle enjoyed it so much!!!  I can't wait for more bonding moments with the loves of my life! 

How about you? What are you thankful for today?
Let's all keep the ball rolling, I'd love to hear from you! :D

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. nice post! im just thankful for the health and family i still have until today. they might not be live close to me since they r overseas but we all keep talking each other all the time. thanks to all these social medias, chats that makes distance being so much easier to handle! and im happy for you. for all you have done and proud of :)

    1. I know what you mean about social media, thank GOD for that! I used to work overseas and email was the only way to communicate and of course, expensive phone cals :D

      Thanks for the vote of confidence, I am so happy to have readers like yoU :D

  2. awwww, this is a very nice post! you are very blessed sis! i have a lot to be thankful for. My family, who's been supportive to me ever since. My son who is my source of happiness and strength, for my work since I am able to give my son what he needs, I just hope that the blessings will continue to pour on us.

    1. OO yan, good ang year 2014 sa atin! :) And I'm glad for both of us to have work to sustain and support our family! :D go go go!


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