Saturday, March 1, 2014

AMW Reports: Benefit's Big Easy Press Launch

If you get an invite to witness The Greatest Beauty Balancing Act On Earth and the invite is from Benefit Cosmetics Philippines, you know they mean business and you won't get dismayed!

True enough, as I went in Namayan Function room of Fairmont Hotel, Makati, I see mini-circus!  There's balancing act from 2 gorgeous women from Pole Cats Philippines....

A gwapong Ring Master....



 Sexy Hula-hoop performance from Benebabe Jean!  Seriously, this girl knows her Hula-Hoop talent and she puts my hips to shame!

 And the reason for such grand launch?  The release of Big Easy Multibalancing Complexion Perfector this month!  And they told us this is even better than BB!

The amazing part about Big Easy is that the Philippines brought in all the shades available from this line!  6 shades is available for you to find the best match for your skin tone!

R-L 01 Fair 02 Light 03 Light/Medium 04 Medium 05 Beige 06 Deep Beige

6 models that represents 6 shades of Big Easy, it was smart for Benefit Cosmetics PH to have thought of this
Benefit's Training Manager, Miyakka gave a quick demonstration on how to use Big Easy.  Big Easy was said to balance moisture and controls oil which is perfect for all skin types!  The product has an innovative liquid-to-powder formula which melts in like a cream yet finishes lightweight and velvety like a powder.  After swatching the product on spot, I have to agree!  But of course, an in-depth review will be up as soon as I have tested this product multiple times!

 Big Easy is available in the Philippines March 2014 priced at Php2,000 (approx $47.62).


Aside from Big Easy, there are 2 exciting products for us to watch out for!  Finally!  Benefit Cosmetics came up with their own sunscreen called Dream Screen!   This sunscreen is super lightweight yet gives broad spectrum SPF45 protection!  The finish is silky-matte, perfect for summer!

Dream Screen is available on April 2014 price to be advised.

Last but not the least, the most exciting part, the arrival of Lollitint!  Lollitint is the newest member of my favorite TINT family from Benefit.  Lollitint is said to described as candy-orchid tinted lip and cheek stain which, again, is perfect for summer as this baby is WATERPROOF!  It was a surprise for me to learn that the other tints from Benefit aren't waterproof as they are super long-lasting!  I can't imagine how hardcore Lollitint is in withstanding sweat and humidity!  

Lollitint is available March 2014 priced at Php1,700 (approx $ 40.48).

Congratulationis Benefit Philippines Team for the super successful launch!  Everyone had a great time and I can't wait to see more new products coming in this year! :)
L-R Donna, Jean, Aubrey, Miyakka, Wilma and Tasha
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Which among the 3 products are you most interested in?

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  1. I want the lollilint!!! I'm a HUGE fan of their benetint. :D

    You're so lucky to have been invited <3

  2. yes, I know, I can't wait to use Lollitint! I actually took photos of the product na para I can start using it! :D


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