Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend Food Trip: Greenwich's Hawaiian Overload Pizza and Creamy Carbonara Pasta

For the past week, Mr. AMW and I have been moving things from old home to new home!  We fix one area at a time night after night when Baby AMW is asleep! After officially sleeping in our new home for 1 full week, let me just say....can I take a breather?

I remembered one night after fixing an area in our room, immediately after expressing milk, I felt the sudden urge to eat and we still haven't bought a new refrigerator yet!  So can you imagine?  A hungry mommy without food?  Thankfully, I have a stash of instant noodles and hot water, my tummy was satisfied for the night.  But I learned my lesson, I won't ever go hungry at night!  Thankfully, it was a perfect timing when I got a delivery from Greenwich! 

The bag is so cute and it's mine! :D

What's inside the delivery pouch?  Greenwich's Hawaiian Overload Pizza and Creamy Carbonara pasta!

Greenwich has always been a favorite pizza brand of mine and I even bought several times the Greenwich card just to satisfy my sudden "pizza cravings"!  I have always been a Greenwich Special Pizza person so Hawaiian Overload Pizza is something I am willing to try!

So far, it didn't fail me, the sweet, juicy pineapples balanced the cheddar and mozzarella cheese!  The extra crunchy bell peppers gave me a nice crunch on every bite!

As for Creamy Carbonara, I've always been a Lasagna girl and I have to admit, I never gave Creamy Carbonara a glance each time I visit the restaurant, so far, the cream-based sauce complemented the Hawaiian pizza! 

Greenwich's Hawaiian Overload starts at Php99.00 for solo size pizza.  Creamy Carbonara on the other hand starts at Php79.00 for ala carte order.  
Call Greenwich delivery at 5-5-5-5-5 (Metro Manila), 435-555 (Cavite), or 254-1000 (Cebu).  For other areas, please check their website for the numbers of the stores near you.

Thank you Greenwich and Bridges for making my "move" easier.
What's your favorite Greenwich order?

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