Monday, March 3, 2014

AMW Bulletin: #HelloKittyAroundTheWorld

Who loves Hello Kitty?
I hear a lot of MEs!!!  There could be so many new characters for little (and big) girls to love but Hello Kitty will always be a winner in our hearts! I remembered purchasing a lot of Hello Kitty items 2 years ago when I visited Japan and this pretty icon can bring a smile to any recipient!

I was invited to visit #HelloKittyAroundTheWorld at SM North EDSA a few weeks back but due to very obvious reasons why I can't make it (blame Baby AMW!  lol), thanks to my friends from Hello Kitty Philippines for not forgetting me when they showered Hello Kitty Love!

My Loot

I can literally hear Hello Kitty collectors out there saying: "WOW!"  And I am not a Hello Kitty Collector but these made my heart leap!  These are perfect for my new home (whether Kyle likes it or not!  *Laughs*)  Actually Kyle took Hello Kitty by the hand and we knew right there and then...HK got his heart! 

The Hello Kitty coasters and mugs went straight to my kitchen while the bag tags are perfect for my travel this coming Sunday!  Yes, the AMW family is off for an adventure!  (Will share more about it soon!) 

And what's the best part about these Hello Kitty merchandise?  

Hello Kitty 2014 Planner!
I have random followers from Instagram emailing me on how to get this limited edition planner! 

You get cute Hello Kitty Summer Theme for March 2014! 

Ample spaces to write your daily plans and schedules!

Here's what you can do!  Simply collect a total of 10 stickers by buying Hello Kitty Merchandise and Children's Wear brand at The SM Stores.  You earn 1 sdtickers for Php300.00 worth of HK merchandise.  To get the planner, simple get 5 stamps of Hello Kitty Merchandise and 5 Stamps for HK Children's Wear!

For your "salivating" reference....*laughs* here are more items for you to check out...

Which Hello Kitty Item would you like to purchase?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. aaahhhh me want the journal!!! lol. Im kinda Hello Kitty freak! I love the mugs!

    1. I love the journal too! :) The mugs? Made my day everytime I drink coffee!

  2. Replies
    1. I know right? Who could say no to cutey Hello Kitty?

  3. cute! please do share some pics of your PUCCA collection, pleaaasee?

    1. Hi sheryl, thanks for requesting, as much as I would love to show them, they were prettier years ago when I had them in glass case in China, when I came back home, I gave lots of them to my neighbors and some were left at my home (when I wasn't married pa) :) So ayun, won't be nice to look at na now, but I'l randomly take shots of Pucca items I still have on Instagram, do follow me there or Facebook page (AskMeWhats) :D

  4. So cute... I want to have the Paris mug....

    1. Krysta, go, purchase one, it isn't very pricey tama lang ang price niya for a mug that keeps you happy !


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