Tuesday, March 4, 2014

AMW Reviews: Online Shopping at EazyFashion.com

Happy Tuesday AMW Friends!
I do not need to tell you again how busy I am!  The AMW family will be off to US this coming Sunday and mind you, I have a makeup gig on that morning!  So seriously, I don't need to define what Busy is as I embodies BUSY perfectly! :)

I've been a fan of online shopping for the longest time!  I mean, there's always the Sasa.com and Strawberrynet.com websites for my makeup needs, as for clothing, thankfully, there are so many local online shopping sites now for me to shop for clothes!  I've had quite a number of misses when it comes to online shopping but most of the time, the experience was pleasant!

I recently chanced upon an online site called Eazy Fashion and found a lot of items I'm interested in especially kids' wear!  I bought a couple of Busha Pants from them as they are way cheaper than the ones in Divisoria!  Thankfully, once I got them, the quality is good so my Php75.00/piece worth of Busha pants are so worth it!  

Take a look at Baby Kyle wearing one....

I picked 6 items per shopping as you get the "Wholesale" price for 6 items and above.

Then, I got a surprising email from the company offering me some products for review!  I usually say no to reviewing online shopping sites as they usually give the best service for Bloggers but since I already shopped from them 2x and both the experience was pleasant, it was an easy decision and said yes right away as I'm eyeing for something Baby AMW related (again!) 

If you're a mom, you'll understand where I'm coming from...*lol* 

Pink and Black Kitty Scarf - Php199.00
Kid Animal Backpack with front pocket (Bee) - Php350.00
Navy Stripes Top - Php499.00

AMW says ---
  • Prices are competitive enough.
  • You get wholesale price for 6 items and above.  (Worth it I tell you!)
  •  Easy to maneuver website.
  • Free shipping for Php1,000 and above worth of shopping.
  • Items were packed carefully.
  • They have clear and enough photos to showcase each item
  • Each items comes with item code and size details.
  • Wide array of items to choose from!
  • The perils of online shopping, you can't tell the perfect size for you, the quality of clothing and the exact color (as it may differ on computer screens).
  • No Paypal payments (my personal opinion as I prefer credit card payments). 
  • I wish they would add up new items frequently.  This is good and bad, the good?  Well, I get to purchase more nice items..the bad?  Spending more! :P
The quality of the clothes I got are really good, they ship items as soon as they receive your payment.  I overpaid once an item and the customer service was quick in asking me for another item.

  • Purchase 6 items and above to get the wholesale price.
  • Each clothing item has measurements written on description area, do take note on them as it helped me decide the right size for me.
  • You can be a reseller at no extra cost! :)
  • Check out free items every once in a while!  Last time I checked, they gave out free watch for a certain amount of shopping.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Busy shoppers like myself who can't go out to the mall!

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 A closer look on my Bee Kid's Backpack


 So far, I'm happy with the quality, of course this is a kiddie bag so do not expect to carry heavy load!  I plan to use this for quick, short trips with Baby AMW carrying some important items like diapers, bibs, extra outfit, wipes, etc...I know Baby AMW would love to use this for his first schooling but this mom can't wait! :P

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What's your favorite online shop?
Would you like me to review more online shops that I love to visit?  Let me know!

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  1. ang cute nung baby bag! :) in fairness ha, their prices are really affordable! :)

    1. oo ilang beses na akong nag shop! So far, good quality naman

    2. hai po ate nikki, ask lng po...first time ko kc magorder online kc takot ako sa scams ..hmm..if naideposit na payment nareveive nyo dn po ba agad mga items ?thank you..


  2. This is really a thing to consider, thank you very much regarding writing about this subject. . !

  3. San po banda ung sammydress sa divisoria po? Thanks po in advance

  4. thanks to you, I found their website trustworthy.. I'm having trust issues with online shopping..

  5. Hi! why other blogger named black beauty said that some or most of the eazy shop products doesn't look like the way it is posted on line. and some or most doesn't have good qualities.
    under her review, there are lots of experienced customer keep saying the same thing.
    which one is true? i wanted to become a reseller but i don't want to get embarrased with my customers. also, they all say that yah..eazy shop does have great services and reliable. it's just the quality of most of the products that they really didin't like and get disappointed too

    1. Well, I can't vouch on all the products they sell but I can only review what I bought! So I guess, you really have to check if you plan to resell on all their items by asking them directly for a meet up or maybe visit their store? (I'm not sure) But do check.
      As for me, I'm just a buyer (not a reseller) who review based on what I got!

  6. I just pay for my order right now the confirmation email i sent for payment kick back so i wonder if they are legit or fraud

  7. so far ok nmn sa eazy fashion..good quality clothes nmn..perfect fit pa..cute ng accessories.

  8. I actually ordered from them a while ago, I haven't pay yet but so far so good. The thing I really love the most from eazy fashion was the chat button that would find in a bottom right of the screen. You can ask them about the items and some clarification in order, they can also guide you on how you can order from them and will reply faster compare from other online website. Also indicated the sizes and color in each items so, you can choose the best size for yourself, and as a noted there the photos might be differed in actual items due to computer screen and photography skill.. Thumbs up for Eazy Fashion can't wait to see my order :D

    1. Agree, kahit ako takot! Pero I've shopped with them na daming beses ok naman, basta pag deposit mo, keep the slip, picture mo padala mo sa kanila para may proof of payment,
      Di naman agad makukuha lalo na december, pero they will send you email confirmation na nakuha nila bayad mo and mga 3-4 days pag Metro Manila..siguro Christmas season a bit longer.

  9. Katapos ko lang mag order kahapon, ata sana lahat ng inorder ko ay good quality😶 crossfinger! Kase first time kong mag order saknila.
    Ill updat you ladies if ever :) thank sa pag bigay ng reviwe kinabahan kase ako dahil sa experience ni blackbeauty ba.

  10. First time ko nag purchase sa kanila,I already paid last july 21,ng email na ako sa payment details but until now walang update ang confirmation and no reply.

    1. okay na po ba yung order nyo po? nag worry ako baka ganun dn mangyari s akin...

  11. I had a bad experience di sila updated na wala na pala sila stocks nung color lng bag.. black lng gusto ko kaya nag order me tapos nag text sila na wala na black rw white n lng ehh i already paid na anu ba yan... anu gagawin ko dun white.. wala na me choice kundi mag sabi ng oo white n lng la nmn sila ibang bag na same price dun sa gus2 ko.


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