Wednesday, March 5, 2014

AMW Makeovers: The Groom's Room

Does this family picture looks familiar to you?
Well, your hunch is right!  They are a repeat client and this time, they have a lovely bundle of joy!  Read about their Prenup Pictorial makeover HERE.

This time, I was tasked to do makeovers for the "Groom's Side". 

Check out more transformations....

 Skin type: Combination - Normal/Oily
Request: lighten up the dark circles but do not completely remove them
Thankfully, the Groom is comfortable with makeup!  I asked him if he would like me to completely cover up his dark circles but he decided not as we both agreed that it will make his eyes look smaller, not unless he permits me to use eyeliner which I doubt it!  

As for grooming, I used a brow gel to help tame his brows and conceal his undereye darkness.  I did a bit of contouring to define his cheekbones and nose bridge and a natural-looking balm to keep his lips hydrated.

MOG (Mother of Groom)
Skin type: Oily
Request: Natural-looking makeup that covers her spots and makeup that stays until night time
 MOG was the first one to sit on my makeup chair, though she wasn't happy about going first as makeup tends to slide on her, I assured her I'll make her makeup stay!  Seldom do I hear mature clients complain about the oiliness of their skin but lucky MOG, she does have oily skin!  Oilier skin tends to have less wrinkles and fine lines so lucky her!  

I primed her skin with an oil-control primer mixing it with my favorite MAC Strobe Cream to prevent her skin from looking dry and wrinkly!  I concentrated foundation application at the center of her face adding a bit more on spots and mind you, I was able to get away without using concealer on MOG!  Concealers tend to be drier in texture and may sit in her fine lines so I've decided to use foundation to cover up her undereye darkness as well!  

Thanks to Benefit Gimme Brow I was able to make her brows appear fuller.  I did a very natural eye  makeup and I was aiming on focusing her beautiful skin on her son's special day!

Sister 1 of Groom
Skin type: Normal
Request: Very Natural looking makeup
 Sister has typical Asian eyes but I saw a faint hint of "crease" and immediately thought of a look enhancing her eyes creating a fake deep set eyes!  Armed with taupe, browns and gold eyeshadows, I've created a daytime smoky eye makeup look to enhance her lovely eyes!  I also used false lashes on her to make her eyes appear larger.  

With the help of contouring/highlighting powders, she appears radiant on her brother's special day.

Sister 2 of Groom
Skin type: Normal
Request: Very natural makeup using pinks on cheeks and lips
The moment she sat on my chair, she immediately requested for a very natural-looking makeup and wanted pink colored blush and lipsticks.  With that in mind, I was inspired to highlight her eyes with a hint of sparkly light pink eyeshadow at the inner corner of her eyes to brighten up the area and lessen the look of eye puffiness.  

Because of her fair skin, I was very careful in blush application as a little definitely goes a long way!  To prevent her blush from looking unnatural, I applied pink blush on top of bronzing powder as it helps contours her cheeks at the same time!

Sister 3 of Groom
Skin type: Normal
Request: Natural-makeup 
I have done her makeup several times on various occasions so I'm comfortable trying out different looks on her beautiful face!  She has a gorgeous smile so my inspiration is to create gradient lips and brighten up her complexion with highlighting powders!  As for her eyes, the shades I used are a mix of copper, brown and black!

As for the lips, I used a light colored pink lipstick all over her lips adding more color at the center of her lips using plum colored lipstick and highlighting the center of her lips with a gloss.  The effect?  Reflective lips that screams cute and sexy :D

Groom's Friend
Skin type: Combination Oily and Dry
Request: Very natural makeup that doesn't make her look like a Drag queen.

 A very timid yet beautiful lady.  She advised me how she wanted a very natural-looking makeup as makeup tends to make her look like a Drag Queen.  I assured her that I'll keep my makeup natural-looking and I wanted to enhance key features like her eyes and lips!  Instead of the usual "cutting of the crease" style of makeup to create fake crease, I've decided to create daytime smoky eye makeup look instead as the effect is more natural.  

I also did makeup for all 3 kids, I usually prefer just a blush and lipstick but I guess these gorgeous kids are ready to play with makeup so I've added eyeshadow application, liquid liner and mascara as well!

**Hair by: Kim Tan Rodriguez 

Overall, I had a wonderful time prettifying the family!  I can't wait to do more looks this year now that Kyle is bigger!  I will also share more of my makeover tips and tricks here on my blog so keep on reading and visiting!

Which among the makeovers I did is your favorite?

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  1. i love the makeovers... :D i also love how you did the groom's makeup... not unnatural... sometimes i attend weddings and i see the groom has redder lips than the bride... :/ haha...

  2. i love all of itactually but the best for me was the makeup for the mom and for sister 3... Sister 3 looks gorgeous! I've seen her face for a few times already here on your blog.... I really love what you did on her. Can you please make a tutorial on that? :)

  3. I love what you did for the mom. I think doing make up for more mature skin is really challenging and I like that she still looks like her age (not like others who look waaay younger) albeit someone who has aged gracefully and beautifully. :)

  4. You did a wonderful job! They all look beautiful!


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