Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SanFo Travel Report: At St. Regis Hotel

Hi everyone!  I'm here in San Francisco safe and sound!  Guess what?  I survived long haul flight with first-time traveler Baby AMW!  Let me tell you, it's one of the most challenging situation we put ourselves into and I'll share a separate post about my experience on traveling with a baby!  I'm sure some of you are experts but I'll definitely share some of my thoughts and tips on how I survived ours! 

At 9:30pm Manila Time, 6:30am San Francisco time, I'm wide awake (not of choice) as Baby AMW's body clock is still from back home so he's wide awake leaving us parents no choice but to forget about jetlag! :)

Now let's talk about St. Regis Hotel were Benefit Cosmetics booked us in!  Before coming to the hotel, I roughly had an idea on how the hotel looks like (keep in mind I"m a researcher! :P) 

Got a welcome bear and teething ring from the nice and pretty girl from the Reception.  Kyle was shy..yet very happy!

What we immediately see upon entering the room.  Very modern interiors.

The bathroom, I love the huge mirror, good amount of towels and the separate shower and toilet!  And of course, it is a huge plus to have a bath tub, not that I will have the time to enjoy it but I'm sure Baby AMW will!

Welcome KIT from Benefit Cosmetics US!  

 More goodies from Benefit Cosmetics US!  I wish I left my skincare products behind as they are complete from facial wash to toner, moisture and eye cream plus MORE! :)  Benefit sure knows how to spoil a very tired mom who wasn't able to sleep inside the plane!

AMW Spot!
This is where I'll do all the blogging and of course, you don't see it now but it's now loaded with food, vitamins, water and coffee! :)

Baby AMW Spot!
He enjoys lounging here as I spread out his toys!  Yup brought some of his toys here!

The side table with super cool touch screen control for phone calls, drapes and lighting.

Shoe Shine anyone?

Last but not the list, the availability of crib for Baby AMW! Look who's enjoying prison time  *lol*

First night at St. Regis Hotel eating Chinese Take out (from Bamboo).  Seriously yummy and Baby AMW enjoyed his fried rice so much he had it for dinner and breakfast! :)

Thanks St. Regis Hotel for the amazing service.
Thanks Benefit Cosmetics Philippines for the amazing opportunity!
I can't wait to share more of my SFO experiences to you!

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  1. wow! this ia a great experience! and what's great about it is your family is with you! Have fun Nikki! :)Oh my, love your loot from Benefit! WOW! :)

  2. nice room and love all those benefit products! enjoy your trip :) good thing your baby's with you!


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