Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekend Food Trip at: Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich, LA

Hi AMW Friends!
Happy Sunday!  I spent my weekend staying at home as I have cough, sore throat and a bit of fever!  Since I'm stuck at home, I might as well share my lovely food experiences in the US!  I can't believe it has been a week that I'm back!  I really missed my friends and family in the US!

Today, I will be sharing my favorite food chain in the US for now!  I haven't tried a lot but Arby's definitely went up to my top favorite restaurant chain!  When we drove by Arby's and I saw a huge "Roast Beef Sandwich" sign, in my head, I was thinking: "Not again!"  Don't get me wrong, I'm not being ungrateful but I'm really just too tired to eat and all I need is a good night sleep!

As soon as we got in the restaurant, I can't believe a burger chain could have THIS MUCH food selection!

Ohhh I see Reuben Sandwiches!

They also offer Fish Fillet Sandwiches for vegetarians!

We went for the "highly recommended"
 French Dip & Swiss
This comes with a hot beef sauce wherein all you need to do is dunk your sandwich in and take a huge bite!  My nose flared out of happiness!  It was the most tender, tastiest sandwich I've ever tasted in my entire life!

On a side note, not only the adults enjoyed this!  Even Baby AMW enjoyed the sauce!  We took home some and added on his rice and he just can't stop eating!  We even took some of the sauce back home just to add up to his mashed potatoes and dishes! :)

Roast Beef Classic
Same as French Dip & Swiss (only without the sauce), the bread is freshly baked and the roast beef strips are so tender they almost melt in your mouth on every bite!

They also have French Fries, Onion Rings and my favorite Curly Fries! 

As for drinks, Keith's cousin highly recommend this drink and I understand why it was a bestselling drink even though it was too thick to sip over straw!  *laughs*  

Moral lesson:  You have to be patient and wait for the drink to melt to a consistency that is good enough to sip via straw!  It is worth the wait!

Arby's JaMocha Shake

Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake
Obviously, this order isn't mind as I'm not a fan of anything with mint!  So far, I have the impression based on looking at the impression of my Aunt and Cousin who took a slurp of this drink, there are better options out there!


Chocolate Molten Lava Cake
Sitting in a burger joint with this on the table, I wasn't setting my hopes high as I know they are probably NOT an expert when it comes to desserts but MY OH MY!  Chocolate inside of chocolate topped with chocolate lava cake!  Melts in your mouth but not too sweet to burn your throat!  Definitely a MUST try after a meal!

Thanks to Keith's Aunt, Uncle and Cousin for taking us to Arby's!
This is definitely one of the restaurants we will go back to when we visit the US again!
Any other most recommended restaurants or fast food chains to try when we go back to the US?

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