Tuesday, April 1, 2014

AMW Reviews: Benefit Lolli Tint

Now I have colds!  My throat is feeling a tad bit better over the weekend but I have stuffy nose today!
What lovely news to share eh?  Don't worry, I'm doing fine!  After going through 5 months of morning sickness and giving birth --- I'm a SUPERGIRL!  I can survive anything!  *laughs*

I guess all of us have to hold on to something to give us strength each day, I know how hard it is to go through our mini challenges without a support system!  So start grabbing your pen and pencil and list down the people you love as you drink you favorite cup of coffee or tea....you'll understand why you should stay strong --- for the people you love and who loves you back!

Now I'm in a jolly --- lolli mood today!  Why?  I'm sharing a review on Benefit's FIRST WATERPROOF tint!  Say what?  Waterproof?  Aren't they all waterproof?  Gotcha!  I had the same reaction when I was told the other tints you love aren't waterproof!  Seriously?  They seem like it!  

I've used Lolli Tint a week before my US trip, during my US trip and after my US trip.  This product is tested on cool, hot and very hot weather!

Lolli Tint is housed in the same packaging as other cheek tints from Benefit

Benefit says ---

Hello lolli! Our candy-orchid tint treats lips & cheeks to a “pop” of dreamy sweetness. It’s the flirtiest flush you can get from a bottle…and its smudge-proof, smooch-proof color lasts from A.M. to P.M. Talk about stain power!

12.5 mL / 0.42 US fl. oz.


AMW says ---
  • Very nice bottle.
  • Build-able shade
  • Long-wearing.
  • Subtle "blushing" effect.
  • Works for both fair and dark skin tone.  (You just have to adjust on how much you apply for product to show up.)
  • The effect is very natural.  I get compliments every time I use this.
    • This stain is very hard to remove! I tried removing this with my favorite cleansing oil plus facial wash, the stain just stayed!
    • May be drying if used directly on very dry lips.
    • May leave dot marks if you are not quick with your blending skills. (Read tips on better ways to apply)
      • Price. 
      A gorgeous lilac pink stain that stays even after removal!

      • A little is enough for users who have fair and medium skin.
      • Add a bit more if you have medium dark to dark skin.
      • To prevent dot stains, apply product on a sponge or brush and gently apply on the apples of your cheek.
      • Applied too much?  Don't worry, apply your favorite liquid foundation on top to blur out blush stain.
      • Work one cheek at a time as this product dries pretty quick.
      • If you like to use this on your lips, I suggest use a separate brush and not the applicator that comes with the bottle to prevent bacteria build-up.
      • I personally like to use ALL Benefit tints on cheeks and not on lips because my lips are extremely dry, if you have Goddess-like lips :P  Feel free as the stain looks good on lips!
      • Scared you may apply too much?  Apply Lolli Tint before you set your makeup with face powder/powder foundation.  
      • If you really want to use Lolli Tint on lips, prep your lips with a moisturizing lip balm and leave for a couple of minutes.  Blot off excess balm before you apply Lolli Tint.  
      • Okay, this is a pain to remove!  So how to really remove the super long-lasting Benefit Lolli Tint?  If you use cleansing oil, please do so and continue with your usual facial wash.  If you can still see stain peeking through, grab your favorite makeup remover and apply a good amount on a cotton square, press it on the area where the stain is left for a couple of seconds and gently wipe off with circular motion! 
      Will I repurchase?

      To whom do I recommend this to?
      The Benefit Lolli Tint works for fair, medium and dark skin tone. 

      Where to purchase and how much?
      At local Benefit counters for Php1,700 (approx $38.00)

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      Packaging of Benefit Lolli Tint

      Swatch on Hand
      As you can see, the product dries pretty fast, the "color change" is the portion that is starting to dry out so blend blend blend as fast as you can!

      A very natural lilac-pink shade if well blended.
      The color on packaging looks scary but once applied and well blended on skin, the effect is very subtle and natural.   The shade reminds me so much of a cotton candy.

      Benefit Lolli Tint Applied on Cheeks and lips
      My lips do not look as dry because I prepped my lips with a thick layer of lip balm prior to application.
      P.S. Spare the no makeup look, I just want to show the effect of Benefit Lolli Tint over bare face!

      What's your favorite tint from Benefit?
      Would you like to try Lolli Tint?

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      Keep smilin'
      Stay happy!


      (Product received during an event.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


      1. This one is very pretty! What a shame it's so difficult to remove, though. I have one of their stains and I use it rarely for this reason. Love the colour, but hate that never comes off, not even when I want it to!

        1. It's okay the difficult to remove part! hahaha the effect is super pretty! :D

      2. OMG!!! This is so pretty. I super love the packaging and the color. I want this! This will def be in my purchase list.


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