Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Eureka Moment: My Hair Tools Storage

Happy Humpy Day!
Do you miss my Eureka Moment posts?  Well if you don't, I do!  I am just too busy to go out so I'm not really aware on what's happening in this world!  The cool things that make our lives easier, and let's not forget those functional products meant for organizing...ahhh..I just peed myself out of excitement!  (Eeeww!  That's gross!)  

Let's talk about our hair tools!  I'm not sure how much hair tools you own but I do own quite a number!  I may use it as an excuse for "work" but I have been "collecting" hair tools even before I started doing hairstyling for clients!  So yes, it is an obsession!  But this obsession comes with a price.... monetary...and CLUTTER! 

After years of search, I found a way to keep my hair tools safe, clean and out from other people's eyesight! 

I'm referring to the 2 taupe colored baskets with lid on the right hand side of the photo.

I found these baskets bundled in 2 at local Ace Hardware stores.  I always see them in ALL Ace Hardware stores and I've been meaning to purchase them but don't know how to put them in use!  Because I obviously wanted them so much, I suddenly came up with an awesome plan to use these baskets to store my hair tools!

By the way, the baskets come in 3 shades ---  Cream, Taupe and Dark Brown!  They also come in 2 sizes, the ones I have on photo are the bigger ones.

Check out how I use them ---

Bottom Basket
I use this basket to store my hair tools and styling products for clients.  I prefer to put them at the bottom part aside from the fact that this basket is heavier, I don't need to open this up on a daily basis so it's okay to place this at the bottom part.

Quick Tip: Store smaller items like hair clips, gel, hair wax, etc.. in a separate pouch so you can easily find them.  In my case, I find that putting them in a Zuca pouch is so convenient as I can easily put them in a bag when in need.

Top Basket a.k.a. Personal Basket
This basket is where I store my personal hair styling tools.  Here you can find my flat iron (full size and my Mighty Mini 6 Inch Iron), my Caruso, etc...

Note: Not in basket, my personal hairdryer as it is still inside my luggage *laughs*

Overall, I'm very happy with my simple purchase as it reduces the usual hair styling tools clutter!  Okay, don't mind the top portion of my vanity, I am using my recent travel as an excuse for the messy vanity area.  I am currentlyon the lookout for better organization products for my personal makeup!  Will update once I'm ready!

Baskets with lid are available at Ace Hardware priced less than Php500.00 (around Php450.00 for 2 baskets).

How do you like my hair tools storage system?
Do you have other tips to share?

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  1. You are really very organized, hihi...

  2. Ms amw. Its on sale at Landmark! 99php lang!

    1. Ouch for me but at least readers know where to buy cheaper ones! Thanks for the comment :D


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