Friday, October 14, 2011

Eureka Moment: Curling without Damaging

My hair has always been in layers, ever since the Friends' "Rachel Layer Days" (around the 90's).  I've always been very adventurous with layers, I have tried 3 inches of hair at the crown area while the rest of my hair falls way below my shoulders. 

As most hair stylist would say, layers won't be appreciated unless you blowdry it or curl it!  It's true, especially on me!  My friends who have seen me for the past month would know that I had my hair cut short (just a bit below the shoulders) considering I've had my long locks for the past "blogging years"! 

Do you want to know why?

It wasn't depression or heartbreak *promise* :P  I went to my favorite Korean stylist "Water" at Tony & Jackey salon and one look at my hair she had this disapproving look and said: "Ahhh, your hair, the ends!  Soooo soooo dry!".  Girl!  That hurts!  *in pain laughter* 

I asked her what needs to be done, she asked me to go through hair treatment, I told her I religiously treat my hair with "at home"hair care treatment (you guys would believe me with the number of Hair Product Reviews I've done.) 

She told me she'll cut it a bit shorter than I requested, of course I said "yes", she's the expert anyways! 

It was cut in "full layers" and on the next day after my hair wash.  For the first time, I do not appreciate the cut done by my favorite stylist!  It has been days that I've been struggling to like my 'do until I styled it by using curling iron to create "volume".  

I'm dead, do I need to use heat on a daily basis for my hair to look good?

Then I remembered my dear blogger friend Kim, who's also a hairstylist did Tara's hair on her Sunlife photoshoot with the red and white gadget called Caruso.

And Tara looked like this...
Gorgeous curls!
(photo grabbed from Tara's FB page)

I googled Caruso and researched about the product, which by the way, is not available locally!  It was great timing though as my aunt in the US asked me if I needed something from the US and I need this!!!

I read through various sites and saw different versions of Caruso. My choices was trimmed down to 2...

The Caruso 30 Molecular ION Steam Rollers

And the Caruso Professional Molecular Steam Hairsetter 
with 30 Rollers

I wanted to save my hair, I tweeted about it and  Sophie messaged me telling me she bought extras because she purchased a set for herself and it was in huge box so she might as well purchase more!  That means she has limited sets left.  I bought a set from Sophie because waiting for shipping is "hellish" for me!  She's heaven sent!  *lol*

It wasn't a hard decision anymore as the ONLY set that has Worldwide Voltage is the Caruso Professional Molecular Steam Hairsetter which Sophie has!  I purchased from her right away and played with it once I received it!

30 different roller sizes
6 petite, 6 small, 6 medium, 6 large, 6 jumbo

At this point, I do wish my hair is longer
So I can play with all the roller sizes!
Honestly speaking, it was difficult to use for the first few tries and I was struggling due to my super "layered" locks.  After various practice, I am so glad I found the best way to style my hair and it's just using steam!

With a combination of Small and Medium sized rollers
I came up with this!
(posted this on Twitpic a month ago)

Now I appreciate my layers!  I will be reviewing about the Caruso Heating Rollers soon!  For now, it's a Eureka Moment for me!  Obviously, the downside is, its not available locally!  Nevertheless, I own one and I don't have to worry on damaging my hair on a daily basis!

Do you have layers?
How do you style your hair?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I am far too lazy to use rollers on my hair every day !

  2. @shusheshe :) I Agree, but I work from home so I do this if I go out :) So its not technically on a super daily basis :D

  3. Oh! Was this how you got your pretty curls when we met? :D

    How do you use these rollers?

  4. sounds like a good product, especially if getting into hairstyling. how much did you get it for sis?

  5. Ooooh, loving the curls! sexy waves!!! :D

  6. so so pretty! can't wait to see the 'how to use'! i can't stand my layered hair too, i look like a mad woman if i just let it be

  7. @rinnah YES! I used this the morning before I left for the airport and the curl lasted til we meet (with the humid weather of Singapore).

    I'll try to do an indepth review on this and will show how to use. It's easy :D and I won't burn myself! Well, its steam rollers but lesser harm!

  8. @MereMakeupManiac Sis I'll update the price once I do the review :) Iba iba kasing mapagbibilhan sa states but not too pricey! :)

  9. @Lush Angel HEY! bakit waves lang ang sexy? pano naman yung may ari ng WAVES? :P

  10. @xin A bit tricky to start with especially with my present hair length, but once you get the hang of it, its quick and easy! :) I'm not even afraid to burn my legs or my face!

  11. Hi! I really want to buy this, but the reviews from Amazon say that this isn't dual voltage (110 only). May I ask where you purchased it? and does it really work without a converter? :) Thanks!

  12. @Anonymous There are many versions of Caruso and this is the only one that is ok for worldwide usage (Caruso Professional Molecular Steam Hairsetter) You can purchase this via Beauty & Minerals.

  13. Can you tell me what model this is? :)

  14. Hi! Do you know if your friend still have a Caruso to sell?? I'm really need one!! Thanks Isabella

  15. Hello! :) You can get your Caruso's at . We still have stock :)

  16. hi i want to buy caruso steam hair roller pls let me know where n how to purchase it

  17. hi where can i buy the caruso steam hair rollers?

  18. hi i want to buy caruso steam hair roller pls let me know where n how to purchase it


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