Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: "Ode to Frankie"

Halloween is near... nail artists out there are probably creating their own version of Halloween Nails.  I don't usually go with themes as I really do my nail art designs depending on my mood.  Well actually, it really depends on 2 things...

1. If I'm lazy
2. If I'm not That lazy

Hahaha, on days that I feel lazy, I would go for simple designs, on days I'm really inspired, I would probably go for a theme.  Since I'm in the mood and I found a nice green polish as base, here's my nail art tutorial called "Ode to Frankie", yes!  It was inspired by Frankenstein, he turned out to be my favorite after he tried to strangle me inside Universal Studios, Singapore! :P

 Cheers Frankie!

I have to apologize in advance, the nail art tutorial photos you will see will not be the usual photos that you are used to!  My ever dependable and reliable Mr. AMW (the photographer) has the weirdest work schedule lately so he's not home most of the time (long story).  Since I have idle time to do my nails, I've decided to go ahead and create one and take shot after shots on each step!  I hope this is still considered a "tutorial" as it's DIFFICULT to do your nails and take shots with an SLR camera!  (hahaha, I'm a sucker for pain!)

To create an "Ode to Frankie", here are the nail polish shades you will need ...

OPI Top and Base Coat
Matte White Polish from The Face Shop
Matte Black Polish also from The Face Shop 
Matte Green polish from Nature Republic 
(you can choose any Frankenstein green shade that you have)
L.A. Art Deco in black

An art brush, I bought mine from National Bookstore Art section. 
Nail Art Dotting tools 
(if you don't have dotting tools, you can use various round ended things like toothpick, mechanical pencil, pencils, ballpoint pens, etc..)

Step 1:
Use your preferred base coat.  Always do so especially if you are using bright-colored polish base.  With Nature Republic Apple Green Polish or any green polish you have, apply 2 coats of it and leave it until COMPLETELY dry.

Step 2:
With a nail art brush or any art brush you can find at bookstores.  I bought mind at National Bookstore, brand is Hans.

Draw lines as shown on photo below.  It doesn't have to be perfect, spacing doesn't have to be equal.
Step 3:
With the same brush and same polish shade, do a thin French Tip.  This will be the hair of Mr. Frankenstein!

Step 4:
Using a big nail art dotting tool or any rounded tip object like ball point pen....

Dip the rounded tip on your matte black polish and dot the lower portion of your nail as shown on photo below.  Make a bit of "oblong" shape as this will be the eyes of Frankenstein.

Step 5:
Using the same brush as above or if you have thin brush head straight from a polish bottle just like my L. A. Art Deco in Black...

Draw 2 lines in between the hair and eyes. These lines will serve as the wrinkle on the forehead and the strong eyebrows!

Step 6:
Choose either the L.A. Art Deco brush or the art brush that I got from bookstore, create stitches by drawing tiny horizontal lines on the huge line that's on his forehead.

Do this to all nails and it'll look like this!
A bit messy but still ok!  Frankie doesn't have to be perfect!

Step 7:
With a nail art dotting tool or toothpick, pick up matte white polish and drop it on top of the black dot.  Frankie looks really scary at this point!  *lol* 

Step 8:
Add another dot on top of the white dot for a 3-dimentional eye look!  Make a dot also below the eyes for his mouth!

 Ode to Frankie
I hope this simple yet fun nail art perfect for the Halloween month made your day! :)
It does to me! :) Can't help but smile!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. This is too cute!! I love it! Hehehe!! :D

  2. awwwww frankie looks good on yr nail! :D :D

  3. I love the green hue of the base, way too cute and just in time for Halloween! :D

  4. I was just looking at the exact the same green at Urban Outfitters over the weekend! Soooo cool! ;)) x Phey

  5. Love it! it looks so perfect too... like no mistakes

  6. They're so cool and perfect for Halloween!

  7. @xin li'l sis, when can I see it on yours? :D

  8. @beetrice well well, know "how green" we are :P

  9. @phey Wow! that'll be a great "green" shade for clothing! i do not own such color in my dresser for now!

  10. @B Thanks! You've always been a sweetie!

  11. @Sharon Thanks for saying so, but its not :D

  12. @gio Agree! just in time for Halloween!

  13. cute!!! check out my blog!!! got halloween nail designs too!


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