Wednesday, January 20, 2010

AMW Reviews: BaByliss Mighty Mini 6-inch Straightening Iron

Aside from makeup, I do hair once in awhile and hair tools are very important to me.  That's why I don't mind investing on it as long as my clients get the best!

One item has been in my Watch Item for the longest time! When I finally clicked BUY NOW, I was having mix emotions as I have never purchased any electrical products online!  What if it gets lost?  What if I get charged for taxes?  Worst?  What if I receive a defective item?

Well, all the worries disappeared the moment I had it on the palm of my hand...literally...and it's almost the same size as my tiny hand!! :)


BaByliss Pro Mighty Mini says ---

The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Mighty Mini Flat Iron is the perfect size for your travel needs.
  • high heat levels up to 430 degrees F
  • measures 6" in length
  • Nano Titanium plates conduct heat and maintain stability in ultra high temperatures
  • digital ionic technology emits negative ions
  • slim design
  • ultra light weight
  • easily fits in most purses
  • 1/2" ceramic plates
  • dual voltage, works worldwide!
AMW says ---

  • tiny enough to easily fix bangs
  • perfect size for short hair
  • dual purpose - can straighten and curl
  • easy to straighten hair close to scalp without burning
  • plate is smooth and doesn't tug hair
  • Nano titanium technology which heats up easily, combined with ceramic plate which protects the hair while heating
  • can easily straighten or volumize roots if needed
  • I can take it along with no problem due to its size
  • nice design, comfortable enough to use, has a comfortable grip so it does not slip
  • the edge is not sharp so I can easily wave the bottom part of my hair with  no "kinks"
  • on/off switch works really good, no accident on shutting it off during usage
  • dual voltage!  I love it that I don't need transformer or adapter
  • I believe this cutey comes in different colors!  I chose white as its the safest color! :)
  • the product has enough safety precautions

    Cons (not much)
    • cord does not swirl
    • a free pouch will be appreciated :)
    • heat settings are not specified as compared to other tools

    No regrets in purchasing this even though my hair is long, there are some bad hair days that I need this mini flat iron to flip my hair inwards or outwards depending my mood.  I like how I can easily lift the hair on my root area or fix my bangs!  This is one MIGHTY mini product indeed! 

    • do not throw away the "tie" wire to keep the cords organized at all times (you can tell in this photo how tiny the flat iron is, the cord is almost bigger than the flat iron itself)
    • when plates are cool, wipe the plates with a clean damp cloth to prevent product build up
    • for rebonded hair: if you have regrowth, section hair and gently iron the regrowth area
    • if you think the iron gets too hot, you can turn off the switch and continue to use the remaining heat, this helps save electricity and your hair!
    • use heat protecting product on your hair prior to ironing
    • do not press the plates hard, love your hair ok? :)
    • always turn off switch and unplug after EVERY use
    Will I repurchase?

    I certainly hope not!!!

    Where to purchase and how much?
    I purchased mine on Ebay for $22.95 + $9.00 shipping = $31.95 (approx Php1,500).
    If you don't want to order online or wait for shipping, I am starting to see mini flat iron available locally for approximately the same price but not the same brand :)

    If you cannot visualize the size of this iron,
    here's a comparison with my regular flat iron

    I guess everyone has seen enough of this iron!  hahaha You do know when I sing praises for a certain product!  Certified product camwhoring! :)

    Have a wonderful day ahead!
    Keep smilin'
    Stay happy!


    1. oh i have never seen a mini flat iron here. maybe i haven't shopped enough. this is exactly what i need and want! 6 inches speaks my language!

      ok,enough of crap. i gotta see if i can find one of these as i just packed my full size flat iron into my luggage!

    2. Thanks for the review Nikki!! I always wanted to own a Babyliss, but i think not many stores carry this locally!! :(

      This looks perfect for travelling too!! :D

    3. They may have this at Shopwise. I remember seeing some BaByliss hair tools (their curling irons) there the last time I went.

    4. Ang cute! So tiny :-) Sayang I didn't see this when I bought my Babyliss last December. Maybe it isn't available pa nga here.

    5. oh i want this one too!
      i like mini flat irons! theyre lighter and easier to manage!

      I currently have the "Chi mini" but it doesnt heat up as much

      I envy you! I want to order this from ebay but Im so scared of our PO

    6. Ohhhh! This stuff is so tiny and looks actually cute!

    7. ang cute! meron palang tiny curler.. =)

    8. I can't wait to see what hairstyles you will do with the flat iron.

      I want to see a picture of the Mickey Mouse bag. Take a picture and show me PLEASE? :)

    9. Hi Nikki! I think I saw this sa mall...I don't remember is sa Rustan's shang or Glorietta

    10. awww... I think I would want that hair straightener! SO pretty and sleek! Love it! Its great if you travel a lot.

    11. awww... very little beside the normal size. hehe..

    12. Hi Nikki! did you purchase it from ebay? If you did, can you whisper to me who the seller is? I'm interested in getting one din kase.

      I see that you also have the JML brand, right? Is it much better at straightening?


    13. Jojoba, ooohh do take a look down there if you gals have it :) If not, I can always giv eyou the ebay seller if you're comfortable :)

      Jenn, I think I am seeing Babyliss down here, but not this tiny baby :)

      Tish, I do see a lot of Babyliss products, but not as small as this, they have a mini one but not this tiny :)

    14. Nikkiz, ohhh which one did you purchase? the 1 inch plate?

      K, I know and so easy to use! :) I've always thought CHI is a good brand, didn't think it will be slow in heating up :)

      Anastacia, it is indeed super cute :)

    15. Khymm, I know! When I saw this online, I told myself I have to own this!

      Ahleesa, ok, I will use this in the future. and i'll try to take the pix of the bag if I got the chance :)

      Kim, yes, I saw this too at Rustan's but not the same brand :)

    16. Khymm, I know! When I saw this online, I told myself I have to own this!

      Ahleesa, ok, I will use this in the future. and i'll try to take the pix of the bag if I got the chance :)

      Kim, yes, I saw this too at Rustan's but not the same brand :)

    17. Khymm, I know! When I saw this online, I told myself I have to own this!

      Ahleesa, ok, I will use this in the future. and i'll try to take the pix of the bag if I got the chance :)

      Kim, yes, I saw this too at Rustan's but not the same brand :)

    18. Iyah, your long shiny hair? really? you need the straightener? hehehe I can't blame you, it is super cute!!

      Nehs, I know,, super liit! :)

      Lanie, sure, no need to whisper, but do purchase it if you're comfortable with your P.O. ok? I purchased it from a seller name "joliebeautystore" and search for Babyliss Mighty Mini :)but if you can find it locally, why not try to purchase locally para mas safe? I've used my JML for more than 2 yrs now and so far, so good :)

    19. I once owned a bb nano titanium.. but it broke into two pieces by was my HG curler/straightener.

      seeing your post makes me miss mine so baddd.. :'(

    20. nikki,

      i don't have the time shopping before i leave tomorrow. it's too bad that your post came so late. i have packed my flat iron in the luggage as a result. but i can't stop thinking how wonderful it would be if i had a smaller one!

    21. this looks rather promising! its small enough to fit for traveling

    22. Lady joan, oh no! I don't know what I'll do or how I'll react if any of my hair tools break down!

      Jojoba, oh, sorry to hear that but hey! Have a safe flight! I hope you reach to your destination safe and sound! *hugs*

      Mona, :) yes its perfect for travel!

    23. hi! i've been on the lookout for a hair iron that's not too heavy on the pocket. im planning to go to sm to buy a babyliss pro 230 but it's too expensive. you said you got it from ebay, may i know the seller's ebay ID? :) and how long did you wait for it?

    24. Hi Anonymous, the seller whom I got this from does not sell this anymore! :( Sorry, and can I give you a tip? I think it is much better you purchase it locally na lang, I got this almost 2 months after and I'm living next to a small post office, if you are living in a huge post office the waiting could even get worst! And it could even get lost :( You can search the name of this brand though if you really want to purchase at Ebay :) They have a lot of other sellers and look for the most inexpensive price. Goodluck

    25. I got mine as a free gift with my phone (exactly the same but in black) and mine came with a free pouch... check your packaging. it took me like two weeks to realise it was there... i only realised when i read the packaging!


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