Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Wonder: Oil Blotting Sheets - Vital or a Waste?

You will never see me use an oil blotting sheet on myself.  I have the driest skin and you'd probably see me dab a bit of moisturizer or spritz myself with moisturizing spray instead.  Though there are stuffs I don't use, there are definitely a lot of products out there that can stir my interest and I am sure it will be useful for readers who are on the oilier side.

I have used a couple of oil blotting sheets on clients who have VERY oily skin.  Is it vital for me?  Not for myself but yes, it is vital as a make-up artist!  It helps a lot to have this inside the kit for those makeup and retouch moment, I once had an experience applying light powder on the groom, I spritz water and wiped his face well prior to doing so. I thought I was ready!  But turned out, this guy client have very oily skin so the powder ended up on his face in blotches!  Boy!  Am I glad I was early and I had enough time to ask him to wash his face all over again and thank goodness for oil blotters which are heaven sent on times like these!

One Oil Blotting Sheet I've used is from J&J Clean & Clear, it costs a little bit above Php100 (approx $3.00) for 60 sheets.  I like it that it doesn't tear like other paper blotting sheets.

Now, I Wonder:
"Do You Use Oil Blotting Sheets?  
If Yes, what's your favorite brand?"

Before I end this post, I want to give a shoutout to my wonderful friends for sending me Christmas gifts!  Thank you!  It arrived super late but it gave me a huge smile!  I do have a rough 2009 and 2010 may not be an exception!  But having people who cares from all walks of life can make my life easier! :)

From Plue

From my long time friend Toma


And from my angel in Malaysia!

Major hugs for the love! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Hi Nikki!

    I have oily skin but I rarely use oil blotting paper, since I work at home. If I use it regularly, I know I will be spending a lot of money for it. :)

    On my side I think it's more of a waste of money since after I blot, the oiliness comes back for even less than 1- 5 minutes.

    It's so hard to have oily skin. :)

  2. Your friends are so nice! :)
    You know what it's a little bit sad, I don't have friends who are a little crazy with makeup like me, even my best friend, she's not into makeup that much.

    I have the bodyshop blotting paper and so far it's ok.

  3. i use clean and clear oil blotter.
    i was born with an enlarged pores which always make me wanna take care of my skin, or else, i would develop a lot of pimples if ill just ignore it.

    you are lucky with those gifts from your friends...

    happy thursday to you.

  4. What a good discussion question, mama. I have these in my cosmetic bag but really only use them in the summer time. But when I need them---they work!

  5. I use C&C's blotting paper. The only time I strayed from it was when I picked up the ones from Daiso that revealed little paw prints as you use it. It's very cute!

  6. Yes! The brand is Finesse. It's cheap, around P30-P50 at Watsons. The paper and packaging are pretty. They have printed sheets and sheets with gold shimmers in them. I like using the one with gold shimmers. It's quite effective on my nose and forehead area. I have combination skin so I don't need a really absorbent sheet. Cheap but functional.

  7. yes they are vital for me!
    i've only tried clean n clear
    i wanna try ZA next. :P

  8. this is definitely always on my kit... a savior from that nasty oil on my face :)

    i haven't used the JnJ Blotting paper rather i used the one from watsons... it's okay and does its job... i'm eyeing on the gatsby blotting paper... i read lots of good reviews on it... i might pick it up the moment i'm done with this blotting paper of mine... hehehe... :)

  9. this is a must for me for no matter how good the oil control of my foundation/primer is, i would oil up after a couple of hours.

    Im 1 of those that has VERY oily skin. it's supposed to be good (less wrinkles daw, i dunno though) , but with the rate of how im using oil control sheets im not so sure about it.

    I own 3 currently.1 on my make-up kit, another on my wallet & the other on my make-up case.
    this is my main tool in combating oiliness!

  10. For me, yes it is vital! LOL
    But I don't necessarily use them all the time cause I forget =P At least I'm' not so oily that makeup melts off of me XD

  11. it's a must-have in my kikay kit when going out 'cause my skin's oily. i use Clean & Clear. i love it 'cause it doesn't tear as well, the material is also very smooth not like other cheaper brands that look like onion skin papers. ugh.

    btw, you're one lucky girl to have generous friends! :)

  12. I have combo skin but i defin need bloting paper :) they are great for touch up and re-fresh the look. I like usin J & J too I think they are great, but my all the time fave is japanese bloting sheet from yojiya (too expensive so I only use it once in a while) n STF(jap also)

  13. My favorite is Clean and Clear's Grapefruit variant. Smells so nice! =) I'm a very oily-faced person so yes, I will die without it!


  14. These oil blotting sheets doing nice job! I like them!

  15. yes, im also using oil control sheets. And i always bring it whenever i go,It's a must have on my kikay kit. :] my fave is gatsby it really wipes that oiliness in my face~.

  16. Totally necessary for me!

    The best quality blotting paper is the washi (Japanese paper) used during making gold leaf! Traditionally, gold leaf was hammered out between sheets of washi and then that washi was used by geishas to blot their skin! The best brand is Yojiya!!! It is REALLY famous in Japan!

  17. for the life of me i can never remember to actually use oil blotting paper. so no haha

  18. Same as you. I have dehydrated skin. Never ever had the need to use oil blotting paper. Which is good for me, imo. No idea which brand is good. :P

  19. I have an oily t-zone so oil blotters are a must for me. I only use them to do touchups when I'm out though. They do a great job at removing excess shine without ruining my makeup.

  20. I have oily skin, but I always seem to forget to bring it with me! Sometimes if I stop by home before going out again, I will use it. I like the J&J clean & clear brand!!!

  21. I'm definitely combo oily and so blotting sheets are an absolute must for me! Especially in the summer. I actually also find that I break out less if I blot. I think it's because then I get less oily overall and so if I forget to take my makeup off immediately when I get home then I don't get as much of a crazy oil slick at 3am when I finally wash up and go to bed (lol... sometimes hw or other internet distractions keep me up late).

    My favorite brand is Boscia! I think they're still on sale for $4.50 at Sephora right now - totally worth it!

  22. This is very essential for me...I have a very oily skin..I look like a grease bomb after 2 hours after washing my face. I can finish up 2-3 sheets per blotting and I blot at least 3x a day hehe...I'm still on the look out for the best brand out there..nice post for oily ladies like me ^_^

  23. Madz, so true, why not just use a piece of tissue paper? Do you think it'll work? :)Wow you are definitely an oily skinned girl! After just a couple of minutes you oil up again? Wow!

    Lanie, awww, don't worry, you have the beauty blogging world to share the same interest with you:)

    GirL With GLasSes, oh wow, enlarged pores? Do you use any specific skincare regimen that targets this problem of yours?

  24. B, awww girl! such beautiful skin you have, I don't even have to worry if I were you :)

    Little Waltz, awww..PAW PRINTS? I'd love to check it out! so much is it?

    Lady E, oooh I've seen it! I'm glad its cheap and effective and works for you! :)

    LyNn, we don't have ZA brand down here, I do wonder! :)

  25. Ayn, awww, I can totally see there's a lot of oily gals out there :) I have used the Gatsby one and it works too, but getting more and more expensive :)

    ~tHiAmErE~, well true, for now..oily skin really sucks but if you grow older, you'll thank your skin as you have lesser fine lines and wrinkles :) hehehe You are definitely an Oil Absorbent Film user :)

    Lisa, so true, why not have it handy then use it on "emergencies?" :)

  26. MereMakeupManiac, yes, I like it that the material is soft and it doesn't tear up :) that's one huge positive factor that I like for JnJ's C&C :) You're right, I do have generous friends and I am overwhelmed!

    Acutelife, Japanese blotting sheets I think work as great, but we don't have that much option down here!

    Teeyah, we do have the Grapefruit down here? I am not really into oil blotting sheets kc so I don't know :)

  27. Anastacia, use them too? Great to know thanks for sharing!

    Bea, another YAY for oil control sheets, I think almost or most commenter here uses this!

    Khymm, thanks for the comment :)

  28. K, wow...that sounds expensive! is is pricey?

    Mona, hahahah me too! I almost never use them, only for fun or to prove a point that my skin is dry :)

    Jyoan, well its good that we don't have to spend on oil blotting sheets but we do need to spend for moisturizer! LOL

  29. Gio, I know, these work really great! I've seen them work on my oilier friends :)

    Melissa, thanks for your comment :)

    Catherine, I think summer is the best time to use it, the added perspiration and oil together, ewww.. :) I've seen other beauty bloggers use Boscia, thanks for the comment :)

  30. my face is an oil mine,.LOL

    I always need to have a blotting paper with me, where ever I go.

    I also found a cheap alternative for Clear & Clear that works well on me,.

    For 85Php, I already have a 250 pieces blotting paper,. courtesy of Saizen,.

  31. @Nikki, yup my face oils up again within just minutes, imagine the problem and hassle that brought me everyday.

    I guess using tissue would be ok, but I have to be very gentle so as not to scrape my face, depending on the tissue softness. Maybe if I find a blotting paper that keeps the oilies away for longer, I'll stick to it! :)

  32. i have super oily skin!! and yes i use them all the time and i dont know what id do w out them lol

  33. Gale, oo nga, I remember, you told me you do have oily skin! :)

    Madelyn, 250 pcs for that price? totally a steal! good for you!

    Madz, yeah, I think you must give different brands a try to know which works for you :) Goodluck!

    Vanessa M! :) thanks for sharing sweetheart

  34. It's pretty cheap since they would just normally throw the paper away!

  35. Hmm I think I have some blotting papers somewhere... Lol.
    I don't find them necessary but when it's very very hot and humid outside, I sure will have them in my purse!

  36. Yes we have! :) But you're lucky not having have the need to use one :)

  37. I remember using an oil-blotting paper that had powder in it and the paper case had a picture of an Oriental lady in front.. but that was long ago! :p I've tried Gatsby and I'm using C&C now, but sometimes I feel it's a waste kasi hindi ko nasusulit yung isang sheet :p My nose (and sometimes the forehead & eyelids) gets oily 2-3hrs after makeup application but everywhere else is dry.

  38. Hi ate nikki!

    I never leave home without oil-blotting paper. I am the oiliest person you will ever meet. (i think) no blotting powder + very hot climate + too much stress = 2-3 blotting papers for me. ew right? it's hard to be very oily. it's in our genes though. :(

    I have used the bodyshop's blotting paper and C&C's. for bodyshop.. i think it's alright for those who are not too oily. but if you're super oily like moi. clean and clear absorbs oil like no other. I can't live without it! haha

    i think it's kind of essential when you are a makeup artist because you never know when you encounter oily-skinned people. ;)

    this is a long comment. :D whew.

  39. Vital! My favorite is the Gatsby Black Powdered one.:)

  40. I also have super oily skin and oil-blotting papaer is a must for me. I use C&C or Gatsby Black the Powdered one also.

  41. ooh, those owls are CUTE! That's a very interesting brush from RAW Minerals. is it duo fiber? or just duo-colored? I await your review! :D

  42. K, yes, it is pretty ok right? especially for people with super oily skin!

    Fifi, hahaha it's so funny how you always ended up with a blotting paper but not using them! :)

    Teeyah, hahaha well..I need to buy proper moisturizer though! :)

  43. Karysa, oh yeah, I know that! I've used that too! its just fun but it smells like an old lady :) hehehe

    Aya, 2-3 blotting paper? that's a LOT!!!! :) I didn't know again that The Body Shop has oil blotting paper! thanks for sharing :)

    Soapaholic, Gatsby is really great! I've seen how good it works I still remember the price of it before around Php35+ only, now it shoots up! darn!

  44. Lady butterfly, thanks for sharing sweetie :) Nice to read your comment

    Connie, it's duo colored , just a regular flat top brush, I'll review on it soon ! :)

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  46. Count me in to Kingdom Oilandia! Yeah, a lot of times my skin is just like a non stick pan coated with generous amount of olive oil (eewww!). I use Clean and Clear for my oily skin and as of this writing I don't think I can replace it with anything :o)

  47. I really like your blog. I hope to see more of it.


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