Monday, April 28, 2014

AMW Wears: Fabelt Shorts

Happy Monday AMW friends :)
I am finally posting yet another "fashion" related post.  I have been asked by my reader so many times on how I dress up on events that I attend to and who are my fashion icons.  

Here's the thing, I am definitely not a very fashionable person but I understand clothes that works for my body.  You wouldn't believe it but Mr. AMW is one lucky guy!  I don't go into shops, stay there for hours and try on piles and piles of clothing!  I have this "spidey" sense by just taking a peak inside the store and if something caught my eye, I'll get my size, try it and usually buy them especially if they are on sale! :)  

Yes, I am a smart shopper even way before I had Baby AMW!  I just don't believe in spending SO much just to look good!  If KERI MO, KERI MO kahit Php50.00 pa yang top mo! :) (If the top works for you, it'll work for you even if it costs $1.00) AGREE?

I am posting my recent outfit from yesterday!  We went to visit my mom and dad so I've decided to dress comfortably (with baby around) and of course, I had to make sure I wear something that works for our super hot weather!  It was perfect timing for me to grab my Jetaimemnl Fabelt Shorts!  

FABELT stands for fabric belt.  The owners are young, fresh college grad so I'm really happy to support these young girls on their endeaver!

All I had to do was to pick the color of my shorts:  Available Medium and Large. 
Medium: Blue, Brown, Mustard Yellow
Large: Black, Green

I have 2 fabric to choose from as my belt...


I went for Medium Brown and floral fabric as my belt...and here's the result.

Wore this with my super comfortable beige colored sleeveless top, this is my perfect summer wear! :)

Available @jetaimemnl on Instagram or visit this site.
Viber: 09152795364 Text: 09159458905

How do you keep yourself cool this summer? (Outfit wise).
Have a lovely week ahead!

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Keep smilin'
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  1. We chose the same exact design nikki! Mine just doesnt fit so I cant post it yet :(

    by the way im having a malware warning from google chrome for your blog, that I had to bypass. It says its from topblogsph, my blog is also having this issue, and also checked other blogs like liz' project vanity and its also getting the same malware error

    1. Thanks Kaycee, I already removed the Topblogs code! :) sana masuot mo na :D

  2. Cute outfit! I think it's neat how you can also choose what fabric to have on your shorts!! Totally cute and sweet! I think shorts, skirts, and sleeveless/cold shoulders are perfect for staying cool over the summer! Thinking about summer right now is making me excited! ;) xx

    Have a great week!
    Chic Nikkie 

    1. I agree, kung pwede din lang mag bikini! ;D heheheh :) Thanks for sharing your fashion ideas :D

  3. Love the colors you used..
    you are fashionable!

  4. I love your summer style and the belt design is pretty! I agree kahit mura lang basta kaya dalhim nung nagsusuot :)

    1. exactly! I always go for inexpensive items as long as they look comfy and good on me :D


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