Thursday, May 8, 2014

AMW Reports: MYOH 2014

I have only a total of 2 pairs of Havaianas, very simple baby pink color and the recent one which I got from Dove's First Summit in white.  Both are simple yet girly and I wear both a lot!  Though just a pair of slippers, they are super comfortable and I wouldn't mind adding more "Havis" in my collection!

When I got an invite to join Make Your Own Havaianas 2014 (MYOH2014), I made sure not to miss this event!  Though this is MYOH's 8th year, this is my first time to join the MYOH craze so I'm glad I was with blogger friend Lush Angel on this!

This year, Havaianas returned to its Brazilian roots as they complement pins with Brazilian Vibe! 

Check out the pins that ranges from Php100.00-Php150.00
What's your pick? 

Party the Brazilian way!  Energetic, vivacious, LOUD!!! :)

Now on to the "thrill" of MYOH!  You get to customize your own Havaianas!  Mix and match your choice of soles, straps and pins!  Isn't that crazy confusing?  Time to unwrap that artistic side of you!

Check out the colors of the soles!  I originally wanted grey or silver but, I opted to go with the Brazilian vibe and went for brighter colors!

The friendly lady who helped me create my VIVA Brazil slippers!

The excitement filled the whole Glorietta Activity Center as everyone awaits their first pair!

Slim sole in Guava Red
Light Golden Strap
Pins: Monkey, Bikini, Heart and Carmen Miranda

On May 8-11, 2014, it is your time to MYOH from 10:00am to 9:00pm (weekdays), 10:00am to 10:00pm (weekends) at Glorietta Activity Center!  Entrance is FREE!!!!

Share your MYOH2014 pair by tagging me on Instagram (@AskMeWhats), I'd love to see your pair!

Thanks Havaianas Philippines and Bridges PR for the invite!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Great post. I want to make my own personalized havaianas as well :)

    Lou of,

    1. naku give it a try kahit once, the experience is worthwhile talaga!


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