Sunday, May 25, 2014

Weekend Food Trip at: Yabu's New Location at SM MOA

Finally, I have time to blog about food once again as I skipped a couple of Sundays with "food-less" posts as I always find myself caught up busy doing something on a Saturday Night! 

I hope to get my food mojo back because I definitely have the appetite to talk once again about FOOD!  Who's with me?

Last week, I was one of the few who was lucky enough to get an invite when Yabu SM MOA branch moved to a bigger (personally speaking) BETTER location.  From the smaller south wing branch now to the North Wing that's twice the size!  Yay for us SM MOA branch customers who wait for hours lining up just to have a taste of our favorite Yabu dishes!

Okay, I have to mention this, ONE huge reason for me to pick this branch aside from it's location is the fact that my favorite manager who used to be at Robinson's Magnolia Branch is now the manager of SM MOA branch!  He's one of the nicest restaurant manager I came across because I remembered lining up for hours at Robinson's Magnolia branch but you won't get mad at him as you see him making sure the staffs move twice as fast and he's genuine enough to come to each of the customers to apologize for the long lines!  That's customer service worth the mention!

So back to my Yabu experience and I'm so happy I got to taste their newest dishes that night!

The interior gets better than ever!  My favorite Yabu Branch used to be the SM Megamall one but this seems to be my favorite now!

Sake on display

Now on to the dishes shall we?
Kimuchi Tofu
Soft pillowy tofu topped with fresh kimchi
Since this is severed as an appetizer, we get to choose another one as they're always served in twos.  Of course, we had to pick our favorite Chicken Salad!  

Kimchi on a Japanese restaurant?  How weird could that be?  It wasn't!  It's definitely a nice welcoming surprise as the Kimchi isn't as spicy as most Kimci I tried but refreshing enough to make your stomach start growling, all ready for the main dishes!  The tofu is definitely one of a kind!  None of those sour tofu taste!  It gives a soft bounce on every bite, just the right firmness to eat with chopsticks!

Tori Menchi Katsu
Ham and oozing cheese enveloped in minced chicken, fried with fresh golden panko breading.
Served with unlimited Japanese white rice or brown rice, miso soup, Japanese Pickles, cabbage and your choice of dressing and a bowl of fruit.

If you have always been a fan of their Katsu dishes but you want something less filling and more flavorful!  You definitely have to try the Tori Mechi Katsu.  For non cheese-lovers (which definitely isn't me!)  this dish is not bad as the cheese isn't overwhelming at all!  The melted cheese gives a nice texture to the crunchy breading which I find moist enough to eat even without the sauce!

Menchi and Seafood Katsu Set
Menchi, Prawn, Cream Dory, Squid, Eggplant and Pepper.
Served with unlimited Japanese White Rice or Brown Rice, miso soup, Japanese Pickles, cabbage with your choice of dressing and a bowl of fruit.

So many reasons for anyone to order this as you get to try various seafood + meat in 1 order but there's ONE huge reasons I gave this up to Mr. AMW --- I'm allergic to seafood, I'm still surviving from my US Seafood-tripping allergies so I'm nice enough to say no to this!  But one look at hubby's face I knew this dish hit the spot!  His first word bite after bite?  ---- FRESH!  Yes, that's one thing we appreciate dining at Yabu, you get fresh seafood that no one can deny!
I've been at Yabu so many times and I don't mind going back!  I even celebrated my birthday there this year and I'm looking forward to celebrating more special events with my loved ones in this restaurant!  I'm so happy the nearest branch grows bigger as I definitely can use up a better space to bond with my family :D

What's your favorite Yabu Dish?
Which among the dishes I mentioned above would you like to try on your next visit?

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  1. I have yet to try dining in Yabu :)

    1. naku go! though you have to be patient kasi long lines talaga :D


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