Tuesday, June 24, 2014

AMW Makeovers: Airbrush Bride

I usually advise my bridal clients that Traditional makeup nowadays can achieve the flawless look airbrush makeup can offer!  I am also confident enough that I have good makeup bases to help their makeup stay until removal!  Thanks to my past clients for always texting me after the event, I actually knew which product works for which particular skin type!  And yes, I get feedback that their makeup stays until removal!  (Thank God!) 

For today's client, she particularly requested for Airbrush Makeup and of course, her wish will always be my command!  If you think she looks familiar, well, I did her trial makeup a week before her wedding (read Trial Makeover post HERE)

Airbrush Bride: Angela
Skin type: Combination (Normal/Oily)
Request: Cover red spots and create natural-looking flawless skin.  
She also availed retouch makeup.

Before and After

I started off preparing her skin for makeup by moisturizing dry areas around her skin and apply oil-control primer at her T-zone.  I also spot conceal redness that airbrush makeup MAY NOT cover.  Then I used OCC Airbrush foundation going layer by layer to make sure her foundation is even.

I usually do contouring at the latter part of the makeover but for Airbrush, it comes next after foundation application.  When it comes to contouring using Airbrush, layering is the key.  It is very crucial not to apply too much as it is difficult to correct makeup mishaps when you use airbrush makeup.  I also contoured her nose using airbrush and included her chin area to create a slimmer silhouette.

Her eye makeup is more on the neutral side, day time smoky eye makeup was created adding Oomph by applying light pigments at the inner corner of her eyes.  Of course, I never skip false lashes application as you can immediately see the effect on photos!  

Thanks Mr. AMW for the black and white photo!  I love the dramatic effect of B&W!

 With airbrush makeup, setting is not recommended but for my bride's security, I applied setting powder concentrating at the center of her face especially the nose area as it tends to oil up first!  I also made sure to give her oil control sheets to keep her oils at bay during the ceremony!

AMW and the Bride
Sorry I look like crap!  I always do when I have 5am call time, 9 heads to prettify!
Hair by: Kim Tan Rodriguez

I will share more before and after photos soon! 
Thanks Angela for trusting me on your special day!  Thanks Mhean (sister) for recommending me to your sister!

Do you like the after look of my Airbrush Bride?

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  1. yes ! i love the after look as always! :)

    1. awww thanks Issa for always supporting my makeovers!

  2. Wow! She looks pretty!

  3. She looks gorgeous! Well done!

  4. Hi Nikki, just wondering, why airbrush foundations doesn't need to be set? May I know what concealer or corrector you used to her?

    1. coz it sets pretty well on its own! But of course, not unless you really have very oily face!
      I used Makeup Forever Palette to conceal and Graftobian corrector to correct :D

  5. Confession: It's actually my dream to have my make up done by yours truly on my own wedding day. But my location is quite far :( You prettify your clients but they look natural, I mean hindi sila mukang nilagyan ng foundation 10 times. :) I really love your makeovers!

  6. Thanks nikki! I really love my look! Really felt gorgeous on my special day! V good decision to have u prettify me on my wedding day =)


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