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AMW Reviews: Happy Skin Eye Love View Pencil & Marker Eyebrow Duo (Chic Brown)

Eye Love View!
Such a unique name for a Pencil & Marker Eyebrow Duo!  But I can't think of a better name as I definitely LOVE my brows and I would do anything to make it look perfect day in and out!

This is MY way of doing my brows for years (post This is How I Do It: Lightening My Brows AMW Style) and though the method works, I welcome new ways and ideas and Happy Skin made brow-loving really easy with their newest, innovative product!

Happy Skin says ---
This eyebrow duo is formulated with Argan Oil to keep your brow strands nourished. Plus, Vitamin E helps treat damaged hair strands so they always look healthy, youthful, and well-groomed. 

1 shade available: Chic Brown


AMW says ---
  • Pigmentation of both the pencil and marker side are good.
  • The Marker side has a fine, short-haired tip making it easy to create hair-like strands.
  • The marker side's shade is light so I don't have to worry about the obviously drawn brows.
  • The pencil side's shade is medium ash-brown making it easy for me to adjust the desired shade.
  • The texture of the pencil is not too creamy or too hard.
  • Both the pencil and marker, when drawn, lasts the whole day or until removal.
  • Waterproof, sweat-proof and the marker side is rub-proof!
  •  Pencil side do not need to be sharpened.
  •  As usual, because of the packaging, I can't seem to see how much product is left on the marker side.
    Only 1 shade available.  Some may want more options but I'm quite happy with this shade!
OverallLong-wearing, smudge and budge-proof eyebrow product that works for most Filipinas. 

from Happy Skin
  • Using the liquid marker tip, brush upwards using feathery strokes that mimic the strands of the brows. 
  • Define brows with the pencil tip but never draw in a continuous line. Use strokes in the direction of hair growth to follow the natural arch of the eyebrow.
from AMW
  • It is best to groom your brows by a professional once every 3 weeks to a month so you don't have to worry about the shape of your brows everyday!  (Try Benefit Brow Waxing)
  • Use the marker side to create fake hair especially at the inner part of your brows.  The shade is light so perfect to mimic brow hairs!  
  • Using the pencil side, define and shape your brows but make sure to keep the check mark strokes so everything looks natural.
  • Over applied your brow product?  Don't fret, use your favorite brow spoolie and comb through your brows to lessen brow pigments!
  • First time to use the marker?  Don't worry, practice makes perfect!  Keep in mind that less is more, so keep in mind to always STOP and stand back to check your reflection.
Will I repurchase?
Yes!  I get compliments every time I use this Eyebrow Duo!

To whom do I recommend this to?
This shade I reviewed is perfect for girls with medium brown to light brown hair.

Where to purchase and how much?
Priced at Php799.00 (approx $11.30).  Available at Plains and Prints branches nationwide.  Click LINK for exact list of branches.  Also available online at Beauty Bar.

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How To Use instructions from box

Pencil Side
Ashy-brown shade

Marker Side
It comes off light brown or almost blonde which is what I LOVE!
The length and size of the brush is PERFECT to mimic brow hairs!

Top: Pencil 
Bottom: Marker

AMW Application:
I like to use the marker side first and gently draw brow hairs using tiny check marks on areas that needed the extra hair!  I also extend the length of my brows as shown on photo number 2 (upper right).  Using the pencil side, I gently "define" and reshape my brows depending on my mood!

Before and After

Do you like the way I drew my brows using Happy Skin Eye Love View Pencil
& Marker Eyebrow Duo?
Would you use 2 products on your brows or keep the 1 product rule?

I love taking time drawing my brows no matter how simple my overall makeup would be!  So my answer is, I wouldn't mind using 2 or 3 or more products! :D

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


(Product sent by company/PR  for review.  Opinion 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)

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  1. Great review! This is my first time to hear about this product and I am so impressed with it. I will def gonna check this out.


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