Tuesday, June 3, 2014

AMW Makeovers: Trial Makeup For Soon-To-Be-Bride

Happy Tuesday AMW friends!
I thought having a baby would stop me from doing what I love most, makeovers! 
Thankfully, I have clients who are very understanding!  I got a call for a trial makeup and it was a Saturday where no one can look after my baby!  So off I went with Baby AMW and thankfully, he was such an angel that day (and most days) he behaved while mommy worked! 

Meet soon-to-be-bride A, A is not used to putting on makeup so I was very particular in making sure she's very comfortable on every step.  I also explained to her that Bridal makeup is a bit tricky, eventhough she wanted to look very natural (no makeup look), her face will definitely be more made up than the usual daily makeup routine due to flash photography, extreme sunlight on that very special day.

Here's my take on makeup that make her look more vibrant (aka IN LOVE) yet she still looks like herself!

Client Skin: Combination (Dry/Normal)
Request: Natural makeup

Before and After

I evened out A's skin with HD foundation, I did some spot concealing on the redness around her forehead and cheeks.  I also added some concealer on her undereye area to reduce the "puffy" look and did simple eye makeup using beige, browns and a bit of black.  The magic part of this makeup?  Eyeliner!  I used liner to define her eyes.

The client isn't comfortable wearing falsies so we applied and removed the falsies twice to show her the difference.  I think at the end of the day, she realized the importance of falsies! 

We also played around with lipstick shades and I think she liked the "red" lips more than the lippie on photo above!  

So far, I received feedback from my client's friend that her make up stayed ALL day and night!  They even walked along BGC area so I'm very happy that after all the trial and error, I finally found ways in making sure makeup stays on all my future brides!

What's your lipstick vote?
Do you vote for the natural (first photo) or red lips (after photo)?

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